Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Restore Deleted Files on Your Computer

Do you ever neglect to do something that you know is SO important but figure nothing bad will ever happen?  That is so me.  My two older sons school on the computer through Switched On Schoolhouse.  Every single time they are done homeschooling it asked me if I would like to back their work up onto a disk.  I always just back it up onto the computer because I wouldn't know where the blank CD's were.  I knew I just needed to do it one day.

Well, the other day when the laptop pooped out on me I did a scan to delete any viruses.  Guess what got deleted?  Chaz's SOS and work!  Aghhhhhh!  I was so excited to have 3 computers again to work on and this had to happen. I spent the entire day yesterday trying to figure out what happened and see if it can be fixed.  I cried not knowing what I was gonna do.  Sure, I could reinstall the program but I had not created backup disks.  Oh my.  I literally spent the entire day searching for deleted files using a program.  Most cost money and even with the scans I did I wasn't finding anything.  I finally had to quit so I could get everyone ready for church but I was soooooo vexed.  I tried to be a good mood when I got there but I was just sooo sad.  

Once we got home I decided to try and do a system restore for 3 days ago rather than 2 days ago that I tried before.  I told Charles I would stay up all night if I had to till it was fixed.  Around 12:30am the system restore was finished so I tried to pull up Chaz's homeschool and WOW, it worked!!!!  I checked and even his backup was there on the computer so I immediately backed it up onto disk like I should have looong ago.  Then I started the process up uploading all my pictures onto Picasa online just in case something like this happens again and stuff is lost.  Wow, lesson learned!

Since I got the black laptop fixed, which meant all 3 computer were working again for homeschool, do you think anything else went wrong? Of course.  The next morning the power cord on my silver laptop broke.  We are back down to two working computers.  Phooey.

If system restore doesn't work there is a program you can use that find things you did not mean to delete and can't be found.  Here is the video of how to do it and what program you can use.

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Ruby said...

Nice. Big thanks to system restore. Sorry about your laptop, though. Well, the good thing is, this time, you already have extra copies of your important work. Continue on having those backups. It is the best thing to do especially if you’re doing a lot of significant work and if a problem occurs. Don’t stop at just one backup though. Having multiple backups prepares you for just about anything, with regards to data loss. Also, keep your backups up-to-date with your files. You never know when something might go wrong.

Ruby Badcoe