Thursday, January 05, 2012

Finding Out the Sex of Our 7th Baby...

Today we took all my little family with us to my 20 week ultrasound.  Actually, I was planning on going but my husband was sad when he came home from work and said he really wanted to go with me.  So, I had 30 minutes notice to get me and our 6 kids ready as fast as possible.  They boys looked great and the girls too with their bows.  :D

I can't believe I could pull it off to get everyone out the door and looking decent.  Its a really far drive but we got there just in time.  There are never one to keep anyone waiting so we went straight back to the comfortable ultrasound room.  All the kids fit on the couch and Charles stood. They were super quiet and only talked in whispers.  I was really proud of all of them sitting still and being quiet so the technician could do her job.

As soon as she put the "Magical Wand" on my belly she knew it was a girl!  Yay!  All the kids loudly whispered "YESSS!" Charles was so happy too.  Baby is totally healthy and we are even more excited that we can get things ready for her.  The Dr said her legs are measuring long.  I was surprised when it was all done that they gave me a DVD of the ultrasound. I could go home and watch it again!  When I went home I cried as I watched it again.  They are such miracles.  

The doctor again talked to me about birth control and what we are planning.  I told her I HATE the thought of doing anything permanent and asked if any new things have come out that won't abort any babies.  She said no and knew exactly what I was talking about.  She tried to talk to me about The Ring but I asked the question "I know it stops ovulation some of the time, but does it just abort the baby if ovulation occurs and I get pregnant?"  Yes.  So now she can see my dilemma.  I don't want to get pregnant right away but I hate permanency.  She told that in the ultrasound room she could see that my husband and I DO NOT look ready to make anything permanent.  She said only do that if you are 100% sure because there is no going back.  So, of course I go back and forth about what to do.

I really don't feel that God forces children on anyone. Yes, they are a blessing.  However, nowhere that I can see in the bible does God say you must allow them to come as they may.  I'm sure in the olden days they had their methods.  Then I hear some people quote the scripture about God killing the man that did not impregnate the woman. However, I believe he was killed because he directly disobeyed God and what He commanded.  I love having children because I truly enjoy them, not because I fear God and what He might do if I track my ovulation.  Just my personal thoughts on the matter.  :) Would love to hear your view.  

By the way, guess who has some really adorable Christian cards that gave me a chuckle?  Seeds of Faith has some really great ones if you'd like to check them out.  25% of the profits from their cards go to helping people, domestically and internationally, through various ministries.  How cool is that?
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