Monday, January 16, 2012

The Day My 4 Year Old Ran Away...

Yesterday I had my friend and her kids over.  Her daughter Kerrianne is my daughter Ivy's best friend. Ashley is always that third wheel that wants to tag along in everything they are doing and she gets jealous or just sad sometimes.  So yesterday while I was talking with my friend in the kitchen, Ashley walked into the house and asked me if she could have the keys and some gas.  I asked her what for and she replied that she is running away.  Kind of playing along with her I told her that her tricycle doesn't need gas and the keys were hanging up by the door.  She grabbed her pink tricycle, a sippy cup of water and went out the front door.  We all watched and then quietly slipped out the front door to see how far she would go. Here it is in pictures.

Ashley walking her tricycle after quickly tiring of riding it.
Ivy and Kerrie saying goodbye
The kids running after her to talk to her.
The kids trying to talk Ashley into coming back home
The kids had it and just brought her back themselves
Ivy helping to bring her tricycle back

Ashley did not want to come back.  Her problem hadn't been solved.
Ryan had carried her most of the way back and even fell and hurt his shoulder trying to get her.
Charles held his little girl and told her how much we all loved her and never want to her leave us.

Then he let her pick out a donut from the bag.  She was happy again even with her tears still in her eyes.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ohhhhh pooor little girlie!! Just that pic where she is crying... awww. Love how Daddy can make it all better with a hug and some food. :)

Virginia Revoir said...

I know, soooo sad! Life is so simple as this age. It gets so much more complicated when they get older.

Unknown said...

What a cute story :) Glad shes home safe..