Friday, January 27, 2012

Feeling Like a Loser Mom Today

My kids school at home but every Friday they go to a school just for homeschooled kids.  It's actually a public school and they get to go and take part in P.E., Art, Music, and take some basic classes on Math and Language Arts.  They really love going on Fridays.  First off, my alarm doesn't go off today and just by chance I wake up at 7:55am.  We have to leave literally in 10 minutes.  Well, I couldn't stop getting sick from morning sickness so I had to hope the kids were getting ready like I told them to.  I tried doing Ivy's hair and then got really sick again.  I couldn't even get the words out, "Everyone get in the van."  So on our way there Ryan remembers that he didn't get his backpack.  He begs and begs me to turn around but I knew we'd be late if I did.  He said one of his teachers can be really mean about it. I felt so bad because I remember how that felt.  Finally we make it there, I still can't find Ivy's library book they keep asking for, and I notice that all the kids at school are dressed in pajamas.  Ohhh!  It's pajama day!  Now my kids are really sad and longingly looking towards all the kids in their pj's.  :(  Why can't I remember anything?  They only go to school once a week so it's not like they got a reminder the day before.  After they went to their classrooms I just sat in the van for a bit with a sad heart.  I guess they'll have to wait another year in hopes mommy remembers pajama day.  It's times like this I get frustrated at myself for having a poor memory and not having it all together.  Or even close.

Finally we get home and I'm happy at least to not have to homeschool all day and just get housework done.  It's cute seeing Ashley and Caleb play together.  Ashley got the bubbles out and entertained Caleb.  Caleb was clapping and laughing saying, "bubbles!" over and over.  When she grew tired of it he picked up the bubbles and was trying to figure it out.  He would blow raspberries but would only get one bubble out here and there.  When I took this picture he was saying, "Help, Mommy.  Mommy, help."
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