Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Do You Pull Your Kids Teeth?

Ivy's had a loose tooth for awhile and she's been really crying about it.  She would go to eat something and it would start bleeding.  She didn't want me to pull it and would scream if I tried.  Finally, last night I said enough was enough and we were gonna pull it.  I tried pulling it out but it seemed a little stuck.  Then I remembered what my dad did with a string and made a knot around the tooth.  I gave it a tug and it came right out!  She started screaming because of the blood and ran to the bathroom.

Once she saw she wasn't going to bleed to death and could actually eat food she started laughing with relief.  She literally talked about her lost tooth for two hours straight.  She had never lost a tooth before so she keeps looking in the mirror she's so excited.  My dad used all kinds of creative ways to pull teeth.  Usually I'd be screaming hysterically and then laugh crazily in relief when it was over.  Haha.  

One day my kids asked me what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth.  One of them piped up and said that it was because the tooth fairy had no teeth and needed some.  Heh heh. Yep, tooth fairies are flying around with no teeth and looking for some.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous smile

Chris H said...

I can't pull them! I make Stew do it! lol

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