Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stinky Diaper and a Smiling Baby Can Only Mean One Thing....

I finally sent my camera out for repairs.  I loooove taking pictures and I'm tempted to get a new camera so I can have the 14 mega pixels rather than 10.  We shall see.  I'm just tired of my battery case always breaking when I never drop it or treat it roughly.  It just wears out and breaks every month.  That's a really weak battery case door.  Android phones take okay pictures but nothing like a nice camera so I really miss it.  Pleeeeease send my camera back soon.

This morning Caleb woke up with a really, REALLY stinky diaper.  I changed him but when I got up to go get a plastic bag to put it in, the diaper had disappeared.  The only one awake was Caleb and he was just sitting there smiling at me.  I asked him where he put it but he just gave me some baby talk.  Argh.  That is ONE STINKY diaper I didn't want hiding in some corner somewhere.  I looked everywhere but couldn't find it.  When the kids woke up I had everyone go in a search for it.  An hour later Ryan found it in the office.  I asked him if it stank.  He took a big whiff (big mistake) and he yelled because the smell was so bad.  Yep, that was the right one.  I about fell out of my chair laughing.  Thankfully, we were able to bag it up and take it out.

<---This was Virginia before the decluttering process.

FINALLY I can homeschool with the kids and have more time in the day for it without rushing!  I've had so much more time on my hands and that's the best way to spend the extra time.  Not breathing over their necks but just sitting beside them and being able to take our time at it.  We've also wanted more time to go over scripture study and the character quality of the week.  It was funny because yesterday Chaz was upset about having to stop playing and start his homeschool.  It's never easy to get him going on it and so he was crying about it.  I made him sit down and get to work and after about an hour he came to me excited because of all the history he was learning.  He said, "Wow, learning can be so fun!"

<---This is Virginia after she decluttered her home.  Has time for coffee...outside the home.

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Poor Ryan!