Friday, January 13, 2012

Painful Root Canals, Couponing, and Lazy Mailmen

Ashley waiting with daddy at the dentists
I mentioned a little bit back that one time, in the middle of the night, I was trying to pull my blankets up but when it was stuck I tried pulling with all my might. Well, my hand slipped and my wedding ring hit Charles right on his mouth. I broke his front tooth in half. Since then we have been scrambling to get our dental insurance going. It was finally approved last week so I called to get Charles an appointment. He got an infection in the gums and was in a lot of pain.  We had to take him NOW.  They didn't have any appointments available for 2 months. There is no way he could go that long but we found out that he could do a walk-in in case someone cancelled their appointment. Charles had to take the day off and I took him and the two younger kids with us to wait. 

 On Fridays my older four go to a school so I was happy I only had to be in the dentist waiting room with two kids. We sat for a couple of hours but then since the staff went on lunch break, we left and took one too and then came back to wait some more. Thankfully we only waited a total of 3 hours and he got in. I found out he needed a root canal on that tooth. However, since the infection was so bad they could only give him a partial one and temporary filling. He's on antibiotics and medicine right now. Thank goodness he is sleeping. He's in so much pain. I can't believe I not only hit him with a fist, but I hit him with my wedding ring. It was an accident but we're paying a big price for it now. Especially him. With insurance it's a $700 mistake to have to pay.

 By the time I picked up the kids and went back to get Charles from the dentist, the sun was already going down. I'm extremely exhausted but just happy he's being taken care of. I haven't been able to sleep sometimes worrying about the infection spreading. This will help with some of the worries. I've been worried about that and the fact that his work car broke down and now we found out our family van needs a new transmission. His car isn't working at all and our van barely made it home today. Goodness gracious. Positive note is Charles is resting with meds, my kids are healthy, and house is clean and organized. :) 

 Oh, how I've been ITCHING to get back to my couponing! I still have a pantry full of food from couponing. I had to take a couple months break so I could focus on homeschool and recently decluttering. So I'm excited about getting the paper again. I'm gonna have to call my post office nearby and let them know the mailman won't deliver our coupons in the mail. I asked him why I haven't been getting them in so long. His response? "I'm just too lazy to pass them out." Okaaay. That's gonna have to change. :P Mamma needs her coupons.


Lianna said...

Wow-you must have a HUGE ring that it caused that much damage =)

Seriously though, I am glad he got it taken care of before the infection got worse. Dental problems are sooo expensive!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Poor Charles. He's such a good sport though and even let you take his pic for the blog!!

The mail thing sounds illegal to me. You have a job, you have to do it, yes? None of this "I didn't feel like delivering all of the mail even though it is my job" stuff. If it keeps up I would report him.

Unknown said...

I agree you must have a awesome ring.. im glad hes resting... good luck with the cars.

thomasandy said...

the writer says that keep ur teeth clean so can root canal treatment can be prevented. nice post.