Saturday, January 28, 2012

Buying New Doesn't Always Make Cents

A few months ago I learned another hard lesson about wasting money and how buying new doesn't always work best for us.  I had been buying used for the kids or shopping clearances for several years now.  I was shopping in the mall a few months ago and decided to do something nice for Ashley and get her a brand new pair of shoes for $20.  The new look lasted all of two weeks and then it looked like they had been thrown under a truck.  I've gone to a thrift store and bought nicer shoes than that for $2. 

$20 new shoes after 2-3 weeks
These shoes were super embarrassing to today I took her to a thrift store and found her several pairs of shoes.  Okay, so it's shocking to know these shoes were used yet they obviously have faired way better that the new pair I had bought.

Shoes already used $2

Guess which ones I kept and which ones I threw out?  I used to be picky but then I realized kids grow soooo fast and I've learned how to be extremely picky instead in the thrift store.  Sure, there are people that just grab anything off the rack but you don't have to shop that way.  Just think, either it looks fantastic or not.  It should look new or pretty darn close to it.  If you try something on and have to talk yourself into buying it, DON'T BUY IT.  That just creates more clutter in your closet because you'll never wear it.  I found Ivy two pairs of shoes and Ashley five pairs.  I'm going through their outgrown shoes tonight and quickly getting rid of them so nothing piles up that we don't need.  As soon as I got home I dumped those pink shoes in the garbage.  Here I bought those pink shoes for $20 new yet I just bought seven new looking pairs from Goodwill for less than that.  Fashion does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of saving money.  

In fact, last night I bought myself two maternity shirts from Ross (a discount store).  I went into the dressing room with six shirts yet only came out with two.  The reason is that four of them I liked but since I stood there trying to talk myself into it, I knew I shouldn't get them.  Two that I tried on made me say "Wow!" so I bought them. I am in need of nothing else so I just checked out and left.  When I got home, I got rid of two items in my closet.  Shirts I didn't like but kept because I didn't have many maternity shirts.  I'm keeping my rules about whatever is brought into the house, that many items need to be taken out. I love my home so I need to keep it clutter free! 


Unknown said...

i know what you meant with "talking yourself into it" means. my mantra in this situations is "if in doubt then dont buy it".

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

If you still have those shoes and the receipt I'd at least try for store credit back at the mall if they hadn't been worn in the mud or anything crazy like that.

Sorry, they look super crappy, they really do. You should seriously ask for a refund or store credit or something.

Virginia Revoir said...

Well, it's the kind of place where you can't return it if you've ever walked in it unfortunately.