Saturday, October 28, 2006


Ivy's Cabbage Patch Doll

Isn't this unbelievably adorable? Her aunt Jodee bought this for her and this is the first time we let her see it. She kept saying "ooooooohhhh". It was so cute!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ryan's School Play

This is Ryan at his school play. He is third from the left. They did some really cute singing and a little bit of dancing. They had Rootbeer floats so we all had a round before we started!

The funny thing is that I didn't know about this "October Fest" till the day of it so when Ryan told me, we all rushed as soon as Charles got home to get Ryan there on time. Chaz was able to jump in with with the tamborines even though he doesn't go to the same school. He is third from left.

After the play we all congratulated Ryan and you can see Charles and Ivy behind him. Ryan is so proud! Afterwards we took him to the store to buy a treat to show we were proud. :)

Anyhow, these pics are all taken from my camera phone so they are not the best of quality. I couldn't find my regular camera in a rush out the door!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ivy's Corner

Ivy has this beautiful canopy thing over her bed, I will show a better picture later because she is sleeping. It's just so cute I have to share. I call it Ivy's corner for obvious reasons. Right now we are living in a smaller apartment (about 1000 sq feet) and it only has 2 rooms. :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoons we usually don't go home in between church services so today we had a picnic in the park. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Kyle would lead Ivy around by the hand and she would follow. The boys loved the climbing tree. All in all it was a relaxing afternoon. :)

Saturday Night BBQ

Saturday night at church we had a BBQ outside with concerts and food. It was beautiful weather so the night was perfect. It's easier to relax when your hair isn't sticking to your face from sweat! I know that Lerin and Eric had a lot to do with it and they did such an awesome job organizing it all. :) Amazing! That would be so much work. Anyhow, they had cotton candy, balloons for the kids, BBQ'd hot dogs, dessert, drinks, and live music. It was a great night and one soul was saved. All that work was completely worth it, everyone coming to support it, for one soul to be saved. Angels rejoice when even one soul is saved.
This is Leslea and Lerin, the duo. :) Anyhow, it was hard to sneak past them to grab more food since at first it was limited. I got so incredibly full, got to hear my husband's band play among others, and loaded up on talk with my friends. It was a good night!

Building the House #6

Friday, October 20, 2006

Spa Squad

(Please excuse my retarded bangs in the picture. I had just taken my headband of from a cleansing and my bangs never recovered. Leslea would understand this.) I had fun tonight with the "Spa Squad" for Arbonne. It was fun! PJ, I missed you! We had lots of yummy food (I was the biggest partaker of course) and we had a fun make-up session (as girls must do). Of course, when I go home I take most of the make-up off because I like a more natural look. I asked her to do the evening look though and that's why I have more on. You know.... when you're in a dark restaurant, the evening make-up looks nice because you can actually see it. Anyhow, In the end of course I went home with the Almond body scrub and bath wash so that'll be nice! The guys are still here from our game night. Wait, hold on... let me take a picture. It's almost 11pm but they will be here till 1am! We love game night. Hold on.. let me get a pic. There you go. Some guys couldn't make it so it's just the main trio tonight. So after the spa party, I headed back home and the guys were all still playing, the house was still immaculant, and the kids were all in bed. All I can say about Charles is "Amazing"!

This Explains Why Dinosaurs are Extinct! :P

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things I Am Longing to Do!

1. I'd love to get my Arbonne business off the ground. I just love selling and this will give me a side thing to do. **Note: not that I don't have enough to do already!**

2. I have always wanted to learn how to garden! I hate living in an apartment. They want everything bland here. Bland landscaping. Bland patios. Want something to put color in my world. (Besides crayon marks on the wall).

3. I really want to take the time to get more pedicures. It's not just getting my toes done. It's the whole, putting your legs in a hot bubbly bath, getting them massaged, then getting your feet beautified. If that's possible.

4. I've always wanted to volunteer again in a nursing home. I'm so busy though that on my free time. I'm actually just happy to be able to take a shower.

5. My husband and I always talk about skiing in Flagstaff. We have this vacation ownership package so we could go to Hawaii right now if we wanted but we just don't have the time plan something like that. Getting in our house just seems sooo much more important right now!

6. I wish I could pick up my scrapbooking! My best friend bought me one but the truth is that I take so many pictures! I need a library to hold my collection!

7. I wish to actually have my legs lasered. You know.... so I never have to shave again. Ahhh....! Just imagine.

8. I can't wait to buy a floor cleaning Robot. Yes, there is one. It's $400 and when I move in my house, that's one of my investments. Just just go to sleep, and this little robot cleans your floor quietly while you sleep. (I'm getting the one that sweeps and mops).

9. I've always wanted to get into photography. One time I bought this really nice and expensive camera, took some amazing pictures, and then it got stolen. Along with my fast sports car. And baby pictures of my first born. I was not too happy about that.

10. I would love to lose about 8 pounds!!! Then I would be my pre-baby weight and feel better about myself. One of my favorite stores is Guess and they cater to little people. I barely fit their range. I'm like, "Man, what kind of people fit these clothes!!! Annorexics??! Or just 9 year olds?"

11. I would love to take Culinary cooking classes! That was always my dream but then I got married and got a better dream. But I'll take the lower dream too. I want to make some fancy food.

12. I would love to work at a retail store someday just part time for the heck of it. Man, to think I used to do that to make a living. I made so little money, but now, compared to what I do now, that job was a breeeeeze.

13. I would love to renew my wedding vows on my tenth anniversary and have a second honeymoon in Hawaii. When we got married, we planned our wedding in five days, so we had to have our honeymoon within the same town. That came second fiddle because we just wanted to get married. I'm grateful we did but I look forward to celebrating big on our tenth!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Arbonne Party

We celebrated Brianne's debut party for joining Arbonne. You have to know, I am a very hard core Mary Kay fan and although I've wanted to join them as a consultant for 9 years, I've never liked their business sense. You have to work a lot harder for your money. As a young mom who has four children, a husband, and is very involved in my church, I don't want anything that will compete with my priorities. After I have closely watched my friends, I've been happy with what I've seen. Okay, so enough of that! Just wanted to show you the "Trio" picture. It was a fun party. I'll be signing up as a seller myself soon. In truth, I just love selling stuff. It's what I love so it's the perfect thing for me. :)

30 Candles

This picture is a little late in coming. I made Charles this Cherry cake and I put 30 candles on it. You should've seen my brother-in-law and father-in-law trying to get them all lighted without getting burned. It was funny! LOL! Anyhow, that's why Charles is making that face. The smoke alarms just went off. Hee, hee... just kidding. I can't believe my husband is 30! So awesome..... In 3 years I will be there.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Building the House 5

Those sneaky guys. They framed the house in 4 days and didn't tell me. I was gonna go watch them next week framing the house. Then my dad was driving by and said, Hey Jen! Your house is framed! So I had to go see for myself. So neat.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy 30th Birthday, Charles

For Charles' birthday, I went to Charles' favorite store and bought him two American Eagle shirts, a card and met him somewhere to eat to surprise him. He loved it. I know how much he likes that store so it's easy to buy for him. He looks awesome in their clothes! Anyhow, in an earlier post Oct 1st, I had dedicated this song to Charles but it didn't load well so I got it off a different sight. Here is to my awesome husband. I love you. (Remember to turn off music in sidebar before playing).

Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Things I miss or don't miss about my teens

1. I miss looking as good as I did back then! LOL! I miss wearing a size 3 (now I wear 7). I miss my thin face. I miss being able to stay up all night without serious consequences! I miss my dimples being deeper. I just miss that "young" look.

2. I don't miss having everyone ask me if I was annorexic! I so wasn't! I just had an amazing appetite and could eat whatever I wanted without gaining a single pound. People used to pick on me for having no butt!

3. I miss sleeping in on the weekends as late as I wanted. (Now I wake up to hungry babies and chores!)

4. I don't miss having someone tell me what I could and couldn't do. When I could go out and who I could go with. :P

5. I miss having a busy schedule that included eating out wherever, quiet dinner times in the restaurants, shopping for myself or for my friends.

6. I don't miss the times that I ate dinner alone with no company but my own parakeet.

7. I miss going to church and talking to all my friends as long as I wanted without having a little one tugging on my skirts crying because they are tired.

8. I don't miss all the teenage bicker that went back and forth. Then again, I don't think it ever really ends with women! LOL!

9. I miss those dating times where Charles and I could just drive alone whenever talking about life, about dreams, eat at the Hyatt, go shopping together without having the find every potty available in the mall for a little one. Hee, hee....

10. I don't miss having to say goodbye to Charles and having to anxiously wait till we meet again.

11. I miss baking to my hearts content, making cookies and more cookies. I don't really like to cook even though I have to cook all the time now. I'd much rather bake just for the fun of it.

12. I don't miss having no one to appreciate my cookies. No little kid to run up and get excited because of fresh cookies and milk. Before, I just baked them and put them away. :(

13. More than anything, I miss that uninterrupted time I had with my mom and dad because I lived in their house. Waking up to my dad reading his bible in a chair and my mom welcoming me with bacon and eggs.

When you look back on your life, you see things you miss and wish you could go back and appreciate more. You see your mistakes and things you could've done better. More importantly, you have today. Stop and smell the roses, each day is such a gift and you're never guaranteed tomorrow. Kids only stay little for a short time. Cherish each other! :) Happy Thursday Thirteen!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


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Happy 30th Birthday, Charles!

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Charles, my love, my best friend. Happy 30th birthday! Even better I want to celebrate a decade of amazing events. Life in your 20's.

1. When you turned 21, before you had a chance to hit Las Vegas to celebrate, instead you gave your life to Jesus Christ and made Him your Lord and Savior. You have served him ever since.
2. When you were 21, you introduced yourself to me and I found my new best friend.
3. At 22, you gave your life to me and made me the luckiest women earth by marrying me.
4. At 23, Your first son was born, Chaz (7 lbs).
5. At 24, Your second son was born, Ryan (7 lbs 5oz).
6. At 26, your third son was born, Kyle (8 lbs 9oz).
7. At 28, Your only little girl was born, Ivy (6 lbs 13oz).

Seven big and wonderful things happened. From what I hear Charles, seven is a blessed number and you've had quite a decade. I'm so proud of you. When some men at your age are either divorced, seperated, or just single and wanting to stretch their young life out as long as possible, you chose a different path. I see your eyes in the morning when Ivy toddles up to you for a hug. I see your eyes twinkle when your boys come rushing up to your for a hug or want to play ball. I see your excitement when half day Friday comes and you want to just go hang out and have fun with us. I love how you love us so much and love being a dad and a husband. Thank you for inviting me into your life to share it. Thank you for working so hard so I can stay at home with my kids. Thank you for choosing me. I love you. I hope you have another great 30 years and beyond!

Wordless Wednesday

Funny Tattoo.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


(One picture is my co-worker and volunteer. I tried to get all ten babies in it but they were too scattered. The other picture is Ivy going down for a nap but her friends wanted to chat instead!)!

Okay, so on Tuesdays, I work at Scottsdale Bible watching the 10-15 month olds. It can be a pretty crazy class at times because they are just at "that stage". I don't know what else to call it. The biting-clingy-drooling-barely walking-falling down-teething-poopy-easy to choke stage. There. That's how I guess you could describe it. Thankfully, my class is also with Ivy so I can be with her. There are about 10-15 babies and 2 workers and 1 volunteer. Today I felt like it was attack of the babies! At any given time you would see me with a baby clinging to each leg, one in my arms, and another needing to be rescued. It was so funny. At one point, the director came in and heard the babies all crying (it was nap time). She asked us if we were okay and had to speak loud to be heard. I looked at my co-worker and yelled over the noise, "What crying? Do you hear any crying?" She looked at me funny. Then I said to the director, "Nope, we're fine!" Then my co-worker understood so she laughed. I told her, hey, these moms need a break. We don't need to call them just because they are fussy. Let them have their break. Later, I was happy to hear as a mom was telling me how grateful she was for our class because we are the only ones that don't call her down every time. Anyhow, it's a very cute class. I am thankful for my own church's strict rules in the nursery. I found out I'm the only person that insists that every baby leaves with a clean diaper and is fed. I also don't think it's okay to have green snot because others could get sick. I follow the same clean up procedures and they think I'm strict about it but I'm sure it's just better for everyone around. : ) Thanks Machelle (my own church nursery director) for your strict nursery procedures. Even though I used to get frustrated by them, I see the reasons why and I appreciate them. It's makes me look like Wonder woman even though at this moment you guys are all scoffing and laughing. I know! I'm laughing too! :) On Thursdays, I tell my homeschooled kids that they have Wonder Moms. What they don't know is I call them that because I "wonder" how their moms do it. I have no desire to homeschool but I admire them from a distance! They ask me what I am, I say Super Mom. I try "Super" hard so I'm Supermom. Hee, hee... just a play with words.

Monday, October 09, 2006


(First pic, Ikea. Second pic, Kyle playing with train in playcenter, Third pic is Ryan coloring. Last pic is our favorite pic I am definitely buying when I move. I love it. You can click on picture to view larger.)
Oh, how we love Ikea. It's one our all time favorite hangouts. It's absolutely humongous. They have a really fun play area for any kids that are pottytrained. There is so much to do in there. They have a ball pit that has 2 workers standing watch at all times. Every single day they empty the pit completely and rotate the balls. The balls they took out get a heavy cleaning. They have an area where they show cartoons, and an activity area. There is just so much to do that when our kids find out we're going there, they all start jumping. They'll watch your kids for an hour and a half and their breakfast is only $1.99 with coffee. The lunches are an amazing price such as the Salmon plate for only $5.99. My favorite meal. Anyhow, here are pics. Charles and I walk the entire place and just talk about everything we like, it's so fun. I'm glad my mother-in-law raised Charles to like window shopping. I don't know what I would do!

Alley Fire

Charles and I were heading home and we noticed a ton of black smoke in the sky, and we decided to drive by and see where it was at since it was right by his job. We found out that the smoke was from an alley and it spread to someone's fence and backyard trees. Thankfully it didn't reach anyone's house. I heard (and saw for myself) that a problem lately is teens setting garbage cans on fire in the alleys. My friend's gate burnt down that way recently. I hope that doesn't happen to me. Anyway, here are some pics. I wanted the boys to see what Firemen do so they were excited to see them in action.

Below is just as they arrived. We were there before the firemen got there. A lady told me it took them a really long time. I don't know why.

Getting the water.

Putting fire out.

Wimpin' Out

What is happening to me? I am getting tired earlier at night. I remember as a teen, a common bedtime was around midnight. When I was first married, on the weekends we would often stay awake with friends just hangin' out till 4 in the morning. Now, it's a joke. By 9pm, I start losing all my energy, my eyes get droopy, and I just start getting ready for bed. Charles is like, "Baby, what happened to you?" LOL! He thinks its hilarious. I get up at 6:30am so I guess that's why. I used to think homemaking wasn't really a job. I thought the house just always stayed clean. I didn't realize it was because of my mom. I thought we were all just neat people. Ha. Now it's like, "Man, homemaking is a tough job. Where is my paycheck?" But the fact that I get to raise my own kids and not let someone else is quite a paycheck enough. :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

True Friends

Isn't that the sweetest picture of Kyle, Charles, and Chaz? I love catching a natural moment on camera. If you haven't figured me out yet, I love to write journals and share my life with others. In a world today, where people barely know their neighbor, it's nice to connect with other people in hopes they find something in common with you. It's a rare thing to find these days because so many people just live in their own world and forget to invite friends in also. I know how hard it can be sometimes to allow friends in because I have been hurt a lot. But who hasn't? I've had friends believe in terrible rumors of me and think they know my past, but my pastor taught me that you should never believe one side until you've heard the other. If you never got to hear the other side, then don't take sides at all. Sometimes I've had my own friends come against each other and then they come to me about it. Although I've been a listening ear, I will never take sides against friends and just believe whatever I hear. Just like I would hope people would do for me. Protect your friends and your family. True friendship is hard to come by these days. Remember, a good reputation that took awhile to build can be torn down by a ill intended rumor. Remember, a real friend won't just believe whatever they hear about you. There is a reason those gossip magazines sell like hotcakes! People love the dirt. Protect your friendships with all your heart. Friendships for a lifetime are a rarety. :)

Building the House 4

Foundation laid. Okay my friends, you guys told me that once the foundation is laid, everything goes really fast. I challenge you to frame my house by the end of next week. If you don't, you owe me $350 (for my appraisal costs), if you do build it by then, I owe you 79 cents (for a Quick Trip soda). Hee, hee... just kidding. No, really. They are framing the houses so fast. I just watched two houses almost get completely framed in 5 days. That's awesome! I'm so excited. Lorraine, (my mortgage lady) said the the block party is gonna be held at my house. I said, "sure, as long as you pay for the food." LOL! By the end of this whole ordeal, I'll have sold an arm and a leg to take care of all the costs. At least someone else can buy the steak! :D

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things I love about being a wife!

1. First off, I couldn't be a wife to anybody but Charles because he is the easiest person in the world to live with. For that, I am truly blessed. (I hope I'm not the hardest. Hee, hee... ).

2. Second I would have to say I love being a wife because since I'm a girl, I can't be the husband. Just kidding. I'm so lucky to be a girl because I would not want the burden men carry of providing for their families and not having much of any other choice. As a woman, I can have the choice of so many different things because I've been given that option.

3. I love being the wife because I love to bake and I love seeing the look on my husband's face when I set dinner on the table. It's so good to hear him say, "Mmmmm! This looks good!"

4. I love washing his underwear. Ha! Just kidding! That would be weird. No, but I do love washing his favorite pajamas and then later hearing him rummaging through his drawers. Then I hear, "Yes! My favorite!"

5. I love being the decorator. Even though I live in an apartment, I love it when someone knocks on my door and when I answer says, "Wow! This is the nicest apartment here! You decorate really nice."

6. I love getting up in the morning and looking nice so when my husband comes home, I don't look like a truck hit me. I love it when he says, "Hi beautiful!" Not only that, but taking 10 minutes to freshen up even though I'm just at home makes me feel good about myself. (Then you won't freak when surprise company comes over.)

7. I love being the one in the day time to have to run an errand (instead of sitting at a desk) and go to Target to buy stuff. Going to buy toilet paper always leads to oohing and awwing over the fun isles.

8. I love it when people don't think I'm married and then when they see my four kids, their eyes pop out of their head. They always say, "Oh my gosh, how old are you?! Like 20?!" I say, "Actually, I'm more like 27 and I've been married for almost 8 years." Then they look for my ring.

9. I love how when guys try to (be little stinkin’ perverts) check me out, I can flash them my finger (my ring finger that is) and say, "I got a man!"

10. My favorite time of the day is always 5:15pm because that's the exact minute my best friend (husband) comes home. I have a problem with pacing by the window if he comes home any later. :P

11. I love looking at my wedding pictures every now and then just to remember how truly blessed I am. We almost didn't get married because of other people but we are so glad we did. It was a million times worth it. You have to follow your heart and I'm glad I did.

12. I love having someone to ride in the van with, someone to share my burdens and joys with, someone to share my dreams with.

13. I love having someone to pillow fight with. Someone to share my day with. Someone to sip tea with. Someone to just share my life with. How could I possibly fit this into only 13 things?!!

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Answer to my prayer.

1st Monday

The first Monday of every month is Kid's Club and since I accidentally missed Chaz's bus in the morning for school, I took him along. This is one of his favorite things that he misses. He's been going since he was a newborn in a stroller. First I went to go to my house site and talk to the builder, meet one of my new neighbors, then head to Kid's Club. Ivy loves it and loves the songs. Kyle kept wanting to hug the crew afterwards. It was funny! Later I came back to pick up the rest of the crew and then head back to the mall. It was a very relaxing day.

Building the House 3

Yesterday we were at the site watching them put he pipes in the ground for water. Pretty cool. I've just always wanted to be able to watch a house being built so this is interesting for me. :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Wanna Love You Forever

This song is for my husband Charles. Charles knows that Jessica Simpson is my absolute favorite singer. (She has a gorgeous voice). Anyhow, this song is dedicated to my husband Charles. I love you. :) This song does make me sad when I know that she had loved her husband and then so easily broke it off. People forget that just because you marry someone, that doesn't mean it'll be an easy path. Marriage is the uniting of two totally different people. Everyday we are in the rock tumbler and because of it, we smooth each other out. That doesn't mean there won't be mistakes, sometimes really hurtful ones. That's where love comes in. Not the infatuated love we felt when we were dating. Real love. I remind myself that God loved me even when I turned my back completely on him and shook my fist in anger when I was hurting. But He was there when I was broken. He held me when I laid on the floor completely devoid of any more tears. Sometimes if we apply God's love to our own marriage, we might find that through the years, we might have scars, but our love is stronger and sweeter than when we first began. Just something to think about. :) (Please turn off music in sidebar before loading this one.)

Evanescence Song

This is one of my all time favorite songs. Not so much just for the words but for the passion of the song. It's beautiful and then I absolutely love it when the band comes in later. It's one of my favorite songs to harmonize with. (Higher harmony). Listen if you can. Very Pretty. Make sure you turn of the music in the sidebar before you play this.

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Daydreaming in the Garden Center

Okay, I am a big sucker for wanting to just go to Home Depot or Lowes and just veg in the garden center. It's better if I'm alone or just have a non-talking kid. That would be Ivy. So today, Charles dropped me off in the garden center and Ivy and I just stared at all the beautiful flowers, trees, and waterfalls. All I can do is just sit there imagine what I'd love to do with my garden (along with sneezing and sniffing since Ivy and I are sick). I was there alone for about 20 minutes when I look over and saw a rushing kid caravan coming toward me. The noise level was considerably louder. But then I recognized Charles and saw my kids so I knew day dreaming time was over. I smiled at them and realized how much I had missed them all in the 20 minutes they were gone. I gave them all hugs as if I had just got back from a vacation (which I did in a way) and then we went to go and look at all the other things in the store. Hey, if visiting a garden center is all you can get to just get some quiet and daydreaming in, be happy you got something. It's better than staying home and thinking about going. :D Even if all you do is day dream in the garden center. :)