Thursday, May 23, 2013

Worried Kids

Conversation with Ivy after I heard her say:

Ivy: I wish I was a boy. 

Mommy: Why, Ivy? 

Ivy: Well, I don't want to grow up and clean all the time like you. You work soooo hard.

Mommy: Oh. You don't have to stay home and clean all the time if you don't want. You can be whatever you want to be. An astronaut, horse trainer, fireman, help people find nice clothes.... 

Ivy: Yeaaaah.... I don't know. It just seems so hard. 

Mommy: (put my face in my hands to hide the tears. Made me sad to think she'd be worried like that.) 

Ivy: Why are you sad? 

Mommy: You don't have to move out. I'll take care of you. Or... You could make a lot of money and have a maid.
Ivy: Yeah, but that's so sad.

Mommy: But they're happy to get paid. 
Ivy: How much would I have to pay them?  $3?  $5?  Oh, maybe just $2. (Smiles)  Yeah, I think that's good. 

Mommy: Okay, so that's settled. Wanna horsey ride on my back? 

Ivy: Yeah! 

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