Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cure for Stomach Issues/Mother's Day 2013!

My husband has really had some health issues and we have searched around for what could help him. He heard that taking Probiotics can cure fatty liver (along with losing weight), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and many other issues. Charles has really battled these things and IBS is something passed down in the family. Most of his immediate side deals with that. After doing some research I saw how much live cultures from Probiotics can help. I found GT's Kombucha and then called around to find the best price. Places like Whole Foods and Sprouts carry it and you can get a discount for buying it by the caseload.  I'm really excited to find something for Charles. It doesn't just help those problems but can totally cure it!

It's really important to have good bacteria in your body but we have both good and bad. Well, when taking antibiotics you are killing both the good AND the bad bacteria. Especially if you are taking antibiotics, you should be putting the good bacteria in you. I used to take a lot of antibiotics for kidney infections. Well, recently when I was really, really sick the doctor was worried that I developed Autoimmune disease. Well that can come from taking too much antibiotics over the years. Since God has healed my kidneys I have not had to take antibiotics for several years.

Hopefully this is the road to better health!

By the way, Mother's Day went Fantastic!  Not perfect though because my mom was home sick so she couldn't eat out with us. She was going to be joining us with my in-laws at a seafood heaven. Yum!  It is JUST like me to grab an extra kid from church and take them along. Not sure why I do that. I just really love kids. :D


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love kombucha too :). It is actually super duper amazingly cheap to make yourself- like less than a dollar per GALLON! You can order a scoby on Cultures for Health website or check your local craigslist or co-op! And it's fun... you can experiment with all kinds of different flavors. Sorry for all the enthusiasm- I just get excited about kombucha and saving money!! :D I really enjoy reading your blog. Your family is beautiful, and you are a great mommy!


Chris H said...

Awwww doesn't wee Juliet look adorable! You make beautiful kids Jenny.