Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma Disaster, Natural Disasters, and Family Disasters

Such sadness. I started wondering how the mornings were for some of these moms before school began. Were they grumpy and rushed their kid out the door, forgetting to say I love you?  No one knew it was the last time their precious kid would ask help for tying their shoes. Or the last time they would walk their child to the bus stop. My heart aches for these parents that lost a child to the Oklahoma tornado.

What is going in with all the disasters?  It cannot be a coincidence. In my heart of hearts I know but not wanting to speak it out loud. Every time a big disaster hits, my heart wonders who is next. It's so scary. Yet the only thing I can do it to keep my heart right with God and keep my accounts short. Keep telling my family everyday I love them.

Recently someone asked me when I'm gonna send my kids back to school. So far I'm not planning on it. I can only take one year at a time. OF COURSE it'd be so much easier for me to send them off. My house would stay clean longer than 8 seconds. I could even have time to get all my laundry done. Maybe take a break with coffee and a book. But... When I see and hear about all the school violence, homosexual agenda, and abortion without parental consent being pushed, homeschooling sounds better and better. Of course I'm not perfect and I'm having to relearn things right along with them but it's worth the HARD, HARD, (did I say Hard yet) hard work. There are more disasters going on in schools besides natural disasters.

Kids are committing suicide from bullying. Some running off for a lunch time abortion without mom or dad knowing, many losing their innocence way too young. I know because I was there. I just wanted to go to school to learn but the pressure from classmates to push the boundaries was screaming in my ear. Some make me feel bad because they want me to realize what my kids are missing out on. Yeah, they're right. They are missing out. Let's hope it saves their lives because of it.

I feel like Hollywood agenda has pushed it's way into our homes and knocking us flat. Kids run off and lost to drugs, alcohol, and flings left and right because Hollywood makes such a mockery of marriage. Families torn apart.

Even if we never experience a natural disaster, something we can't control, we can control other disasters that try to make their way into our homes. I can only raise my kids once. :)

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