Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dreaded Trips to the Salon

It's so weird how on one hand I'm as girlie as heck but then so tomboyish. I love looking girlie but completely dislike the process.

My friends know the only reason I take so long to get my highlights touched up is because I dread the trip to the salon. Sitting there for 2 1/2 hours is pretty boring with only gossip magazines around to entertain. Gossip magazines are completely pointless because it's... gossip. What is true?  Hollywood people look so sad to me. Can you imagine thinking how awesome it'd be to be famous and then realize later you can't even peacefully shop in a store without people following you?  Can you imagine checking out at the grocery store only to look over and see a gossip magazine commenting on your belly pooch and how fat you've gotten? They are pretty brutal. My gosh.

Anyway, I had finally made an appointment to the salon. Even though I called ahead and they'd said it would be fine that I'm 8 minutes late, they replaced me with someone else to work on. I sat there for 45 minutes before a  Toni & Guy worker sat me down. Then he juggled me and the other lady's hair through the rest of it. I sat another half hour while he washed the other lady's hair. I was sad because I had hoped to be done soon and join my family somewhere in the mall for a birthday celebration. By the time he finished, the mall completely closed. Was kinda creepy walking through it with no one around and having to exit through those long, dark hallways meant for employees only. CReEpYyYyYy. Oh well, I got over it and before the guy had even finished we were having fun talking.

Earlier, while still getting my hair done, we're talking about family and being silly. I mentioned I had seven kids and people laughed. A few minutes later my husband walked in with 8 kids and brought me some food. He talked for a little bit and then left. The workers were surprised and told me they thought I was kidding about how many kids I had. Another worker commented about how well behaved everyone was and said it's a real reflection of the parents. Wow!  That made my night and the looooong sitting not feel so bad. ;)

By the time I joined my family they were all quietly reading in the bookstore and looking oh so cute.


Mary said...

Wow Jen, I'm so glad that you finally was able to get your hair done. It looks great!
Just in time for Conference Week and then the Marriage Seminar.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

That is because you are not fat and ugly. No one has trouble believing I have six kids!! :)

I don't go to the salon because I hate the small talk and then you have to tip and I never know what to give and it is just awkward.