Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Secret to Toy Stores and Kids

So, you know how I keep kids happy in a toy store when they want everything they see?  Simple!  I tell them I'll take a photo of them with the item they want and keep it on our family wishlist for their next birthday or Christmas. They happily take the picture and walk away. Heh heh.... Works like a charm! Actually, I often do refer back to those photos on my Android when the time comes.

Last time we went to a toy store, which is so hard with kids, they wanted everything. The worker guy kept coming up to us and asking if we needed anything almost every five minutes. It was so annoying. He was so sweet but seemed hopped up on caffeine. We must've told him we were fine at least 10 times. Argh...  He even asked our kids if they were with their parents while they were right next to us. We were like, huh?  Maybe he didn't think they could all be ours. Lol. Anyway, it was a weird night at the mall because it was super crowded and we were squeezing through people. I realized after a bit it was because of Mother's Day and everyone was thinking about their mom or husband's were treating their wives out for an outfit. So sweet!

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Unknown said...

Toy shops understand and stock items that sell. It gives parents the chance to buy toys that are popular and more often than not getting it from a location beyond their reach.