Friday, May 17, 2013

Juliet's First Birthday

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was just a fantastic day. After Ryan woke up he immediately started working on Juliet's birthday pancakes. It was so sweet of him to think of her like that. He wanted to give it 3 layers but just before I took a picture, Juliet grabbed the top one and shoved it in her mouth.

Charles and I were contemplating what a good gift would be for her. She already has dolls and play toys. We decided on a Superyard for her to have more space to play when I need her to be in a safe spot. However, they are $70 for six panels. I looked it up on Craigslist and found one for $40 and he went down to $35. Perfect! The great thing about it is you can go to Walmart and buy extra panels to make it bigger which we're going to do. She absolutely loves it and she has plenty of space to practice her walking. She is in that phase right now where she puts things in her mouth and wants to play in the toilet.  No matter how hard I try to teach six other kids they can't leave little things on the floor, Juliet always manages to find a lego somewhere. I can't wait to make the play yard bigger for her but for now she loves all her toys in it and walking around. So cute!

Before we picked up the Superyard we headed to Dennys kids eat free day. Literally, all my kids, except Chaz who is almost a teen, eats for free. That saved us $25 on the bill. Amazing!  I love that place. When we got there Juliet demanded food right away. This girl is tiny but she eats a lot!  She ate a bowl of fish crackers, 4 saltine crackers, a whole bowl of macaroni, and a small bowl of yogurt. Then she went home and had cake and a bottle of milk. We seriously wondered how her body held all that. :D

Ryan, my 11 year old, wanted to make her a cake so he made a yellow cake with hot pink frosting and sprinkles. It tasted fantastic!  The kids are happy they finally get to stop saying she is zero years old to people. LOL.


Unknown said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW She's ONE already??? Goodness but she's a cutie and we LOVE Denny's too! Happy Birthday Juliet! :)

Chris H said...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY JULIET... you are darling.
I love the Superyard! Might have to look into getting something like that for our grandson Dante, who lives with us and his parents.

Virginia Revoir said...

Chris, I can't come see your blog anymore for some reason. :( Did you make it private?