Thursday, May 09, 2013

Small Town; Small Vacation

The couple days before Jer's accident we drive up to see him for his birthday. We knew his dad (bad scene) wasn't gonna be there so Charles and I really wanted to be there for him. I'm NOT a fan of having to pack for so many people. It's truly not easy to make sure we have everything for nine people for 3 days. I've tried several different ways but I'm hoping I landed on my favorite way to pack. I bought 3 separate bins and labeled then Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. We even had a shoe bin. I really liked it even though some tried to cheat and throw things in whatever bin. Usually once I find a good routine I stick with it whole heartedly. :D

We had such a good time and the birthday party went really good. We got to go to Michele's church and visit with a lot of friends I grew up with. People that I don't necessarily have a lot of things in common with, we just click really well together. It's so refreshing to walk into church and have so many friends to talk to. :)

We didn't know that on Sunday, when we were saying our goodbyes, that we were gonna see each other again the very next day. Jeremiah had taken his birthday bike out the very next day and got really hurt. We teased with Jer (once we knew he was gonna be okay)  that he didn't have to go to such extremes to visit his best friend again. They live in a smaller town so when he crashed his bike, the hospital up there had them flown to a hospital just 5 minutes from my house. Michele ended up crashing at my house a couple of times. We are so glad he was flown out to a place by us till it was all sorted out and he got better. Thank God little Jeremiah is okay!  However, when he was here waiting to go back home we had to make sure 7 kids would all be calm around him. He has to be very careful for three months and he can't go swimming. Bad timing for the little guy now that summer is almost out. :(  I'm glad he is home safe and sound now.

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