Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Birthday Bike Accident

Lately I've felt like I've had so much to do but things, IMPORTANT things have been popping up. That's life for you and it's better to be there for people rather than put another checkmark on my To Do list.

Sunday I had just got back from an out of town trip. I got to visit with my friend for a few days. Sunday night we made it back home and the very next day I had gotten a scary phone call. Little Jeremiah had crashed on his bike on the way home from school. He was trying to avoid a car, hit a curb, and flew into a stop sign. It knocked him unconscious and had to be airvac'd to my city. Michele saw him take off in the helicopter but had to drive several hours to get the the hospital. I dropped what I was doing and went as fast as I could to be there. I got there just after the helicopter landed. Kyle (my son nd Jer's best friend) stayed till Michele could get there. He was still passed out when I got there and looked pretty banged up.

He has a skull fracture and a concussion. He gets to go home once he can hold something down. Poor guy. We had just celebrated his ninth birthday and he got a new bike. :(  Thank goodness he is okay.

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Unknown said...

OH MY!! Praying for a quick recovery!