Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Guest Post: Tips to Save on Babysitting Services

For some families, one parent staying home is cost effective. They can save on weekly childcare services, which frees up cash for other important household expenses. But even if one parent decides to stay home, you may need someone to watch your kids at other times. You and your spouse may have weekly date nights, or you make accept an invitation to an event that isn’t kid friendly.
If you have a huge support system, finding someone to watch your children for a few hours shouldn’t be a problem. But if you live away from your family, or if friends and family are unavailable, you may seek a babysitter.

Like most families, you want to spend your money wisely. When shopping online, you can search promo codes, as well as other forms of discounts to save money. Saving money on babysitting services doesn’t imply sacrificing quality care for your children.
You can leave your children in good hands while saving money. Here are three ways to save on babysitting services:

1. Know the going rate
Some daycare centers offer drop-in services. With this service, you can leave your children at the center for a few hours each week. And if local centers offer nighttime or weekend care, this is the perfect place to bring your child if you’re attending an event. But don’t choose any daycare center for your children. To keep costs within budget, contact multiple centers in your local area and compare prices. Additionally, ask your neighbors for recommendations or go online and check reviews.

2. Get a student
Daycare centers are plentiful, and finding quality child care for your children shouldn’t be an issue. However, centers can be costly. If your finances are tight, consider hiring a student or a neighborhood teenager to watch your children. But don’t hire anyone for the job. Again, you can ask your neighbors for a few referrals. Likewise, you should carefully interview those who apply for the position. Do they have childcare experience? What age groups are they most comfortable with? Are they CPR certified?

3. Learn how to barter
When you don’t have a great deal of money, you may do anything possible to save a few bucks. This can include clipping coupons, or perhaps searching Black Friday ad leaks at NerdWallet. There are other ways to stay within a babysitting budget. If you trust your neighbors, perhaps you can suggest a bartering service. This way, you can acquire quality care for your children without spending a dime. In exchange for someone watching your children, you can provide this person with a service. For example, you can clean their homes/apartments or provide other personal services.
Finding someone who is qualified and affordable can create opportunities for you and your partner to spend alone time together. Don’t automatically assume that you cannot afford a daycare center or a private babysitter. As a matter of fact, the cost might be cheaper than you think. With careful planning, there are ways to keep cost within reason.

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