Thursday, March 14, 2013

Extra Kids to the Zoo

Yesterday I took the small army to the zoo.  The reason I did it on the most crowded day was only because it was the last day I was taking care of Adrianna.  She hardly remembers the zoo and they've built a lot more new stuff since. It was sooooo crowded.  I went ahead and just bought a zoo membership again since I go there so often and added on extra guest members.  We usually try to pick up extra kids when we do stuff like that.

The water caves was a relief from the heat despite how crowded it was. We ended up just riding the train rather than walk around since the train is shaded. The amazing thing was my mom packed us all a lunch!  What a huge blessing that was! 

It a Wednesday so we needed to be able to make it to church.  I completely underestimated how much time I needed for 11 people to shower.  2 hours later I finally got everyone dressed.  I mean,  I was out of breath because that is NOT enough time.  We loaded up and was barely gonna make it on time.  I do my normal head count and realize Ivy is missing.  I called for her in the house and found her still in a towel!  Oh my.  I threw a dress over her and gave her shoes to take in the van.  By that time we were gonna be late. Someone walks up to me in the parking lot just as I pulled in and hands me FOUR cases of formula for Juliet.  Wow!  What a blessing!  I said goodbye to Adrianna as she went and sat by her grandma.  We had to sit in the back since we were so late but I was happy we make it!  I look over and realize that the dress I threw on Ivy was TOO short.  Agh! :D Amazingly enough, as much as I thought the kids would be super tired it took forever it seemed for the girls to fall asleep.

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