Monday, March 25, 2013

Missing Revival Services Again and a Very loud Baby

I went to revival tonight because it seems that every time there is a special event like this my babies get sick.  I figured I'd have little Juliet on my lap and we'd just enjoy the service together.

Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

That is sooooo not happening again. I tried standing in the back of the church but she kept letting out VERY loud but happy squeals. Then I went out in the foyer where they have a speaker so I could at least let her be loud but still hear the sermon. Nope.  I felt bad bringing her in there because no one else could hear over her.  I think my husband and I will just take turns going like before.  :)  Juliet is like a loud speaker. 

I feel for these moms that are always having to be out in the foyer because it really is a lot of work to get everyone ready to get there.  Most of the time you can't hear.  There is one mom who has a son in a wheelchair and her or her husband is always out in the foyer because their son can be really loud. Yet, they come. They are always there.  It's amazing and we love them! I wish just for them it could be a bit easier.  Like a room just for that reason.

Pictures: looking through the window into the church from the foyer, Sleeping Juliet, and choir.

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