Wednesday, March 06, 2013

My Dog Broke His Leg Today

Today started out pretty good as we were trying to beautify our ugly desert backyard. I took the kids to Home Depot,  my favorite place to visit, and we picked out some vines, flowers, and vegetable plants.   We were exhausted by the time we planted everything.

Thankfully, Charles brought home pizza so I wouldn't have to cook.   Yay!   However, as we were relaxing we heard a horrible cry coming from a bedroom. It sounded bad and it was coming from one of our chihuahuas.   It was the little black one we had just rescued.  It was an obvious break in one of his front legs.  He jumped off something not very high. I was no help because I started crying.  Finally I got the courage to drive him out to the animal hospital to have it looked at.  It cost me $40 to have them give him pain meds while his foot was set vs. having him wait for relief from pharmacy for only $12.  He was crying and in so much pain so I had them give the meds right away. 

This is one of the dogs I recently rescued and his bones are not too strong from being undernourished. Also,  the fur is a simple of of poor nourishment. In glad they could set it.   Once we paid the hospital, got meds from pharmacy, then headed home and secured him in basket,  I gave him more meds for pain.   Ohhhh,  I hope tomorrow is a better day.   Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Our dog tangled with a raccoon a few weeks ago (or so we think, it was kind of dark and actually I was asleep when it happened), and got an infection, so I know how you feel. Get well soon doggy!