Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Party and Stitches

Over the weekend we went to a really fun laser tag party with all the kids. Since Ashley and Caleb couldn't play I got them lots of tokens. There was no elevator so I couldn't bring the stroller up and down from party to arcade. I just had baby Juliet in one arm and was the token giver with the other. Heh heh.

It was Chaz's best friend's party but I love the mom too so it was great to see her! Towards the end of the party Charles had taken Caleb with him to play in the arcade. He turned his back for just a minute and then turned back again to see blood on Caleb's ear. Not a little but A LOT! He looks closer and sees that a small chunk of ear was totally missing. Caleb is only three so it's hard to hear him talk clearly. We kept asking and asking but we couldn't understand what he was trying to say happened. He got bandaged up but the blood soaked it up fast.

We said goodbye to our friends and my friend Michele and I took him to get stitched up. Michele was in town for the weekend and when we are together it seems we always end up at the doctors for some reason or another. Lol. The doctors were sooooo nice. Caleb was terrified but six people just totally catered to him while he got stitched up. He left with two Popsicles, a Beanie Baby, a sucker, and stickers.

In one weeks time I had to get a dog's broken leg fixed and 2 kids to hospital. The bill will be nice. Already paid for the chihuahua but the other kids' bill still has to come in. A girl at my church who is an RN said she'll take the stitches out for Caleb next week. Yaaaay! I was so surprised she offered that. Kids cost $$$$$! :) They are sooooo worth it though!!!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Awww. Good times and bad times. Great that you and the kids have buddies so you can see each other through it all.

Unknown said...

Cute Blog! Glad I can see you on here also! Your children are adorable! It's great having so many wonderful little beings, no matter the stress that follows suit huh?? LOL!! (I'm pentamom) LOL!