Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Kinda Girl I Really Am

Now that we are down from 12 kids to seven it is pretty quiet around here.  Well,  technically we have eight since a friend is here.  Instead of musical chairs we seem to play musical kids.  Tee hee...  I always want kids to know they are welcome here and not a burden. Do you remember being a kid how much other families had an influence on you?  I want to be the family that is encouraging to them other than their own. Family is SO important, of course, but friends play in the factor also.  Grandparents play a HUGE roll but I think sometimes some might not realize it. 

My boys just got back from a California trip to the Navy Seals base. They got to see battleships and stuff.  They even got to go through training that the other soldiers go through.  I'm such a proud mama because I found out my boys totally kicked butt in the training and had compliments from the instructors.  I can relax a bit.  Here I was worried since my kids are homeschooled and people have this idea they're lazy.  They totally kicked butt!  YEAH!!!!!  I was a tad bit jealous because I wish it was me going thru that training. I miss my summer teen trips to boot camp.

I'm not a foofoo girl that likes babyshowers and stuff.  I'm NOT into scrapbooking and I only shop for what's needed, not just to look. My favorite store is Home Depot and the mall is sorta a drag. I go sometimes but mostly for the exercise. Crafts are cool if they serve a purpose and are not just for decoration. I have kids to have fun and explore life with, they are not my trophies. I don't put them in events just so I can look good.  I don't homeschool  just because I think public school has issues (they do) but because I can't imagine spending so long a day without them. Most of my dating with Charles was by playing volleyball together and other sports. I thought Barbies were okay but jumping bikes with my ramp and playing video games was so much cooler as a kid. I stink at keeping a perfect house but I sure as heck have a blast running one the best I can. The world might try to say something weird about all this but I'M JUST A TOMBOY!!! I'm sooo blessed to have found Charles, or rather he found me.  Life is such an adventure with him. I can be myself with him.  :)

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