Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tithing Kids and Sick Kids during Revival

What a wild weekend!  I really don't know why. What did I do?  I'll have to get back to that.

It's revival week and guess how many sick kids I got?  Two and it's the two youngest!  Whyyyyyyy?  After church Juliet lost her dinner but I'm not sure if it's flu like or just from coughing up stuff and dinner followed.  Lord help me. I'm so going up for healing this week during revival.

This morning at church the pastor told us to bow our heads to pray. I look down and saw Chaz's shoes. I was horrified!  They were completely falling apart and he couldn't even lace up his shoes anymore.  I whispered to him and asked "Chaz, why didn't you say something to me about needing shoes?   I would've bought you some!" He said he just hadn't thought about it.  Immediately after service,  before we even ate,  we got him some new shoes.  Poor guy. He didn't even complain. After he put his new shoes on he said,  "God must be blessing me for tithing this morning."  So sweet.

We got our new family sticker for our 12 passenger van!  It has the same saying on it but there is a new kid added. We had to order it so we could match each kid on it to their personality. Love it!

Ohhhh!  I remember now what was wild.  I went to a birthday party this weekend and met some GREAT people.  We even played Christian karaoke!  That was fun!  I love karaoke but the song selections aren't so great when it's all secular. Just prefer singin' the praise songs.  :) There are some good secular songs if you are careful but it's nice to have choices. Anyway,  had a great time and love to meet new people. :)

(Sorry if an pics are out of order.  I post blogs from my phone.)

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