Thursday, March 21, 2013

Consistency and Kids Testing the Limits

Today was a rough,  rough day. It's always hard for my kids when they get a week off to go back into a routine. It's like pulling teeth (that's an idiom I learned) every time we must get the wheels turning. My kids have it really good.  I focus really hard on the reading and math for their level but we have much more fun with all the other subjects. We get those more hands on at science centers and museum. Who wants to read about the insides of a frog when you can dissect one?  How about a squid? That was pretty neat. Now when the boys help me cook I have them multiply the fractions on the back of a box if we need to multiply serving size. Good practice it is (said Yoda).

Today I kept checking up on the boys to see if they were staying on task with their assignments. Kyle was really quiet so I went to check up on him. I didn't see him anywhere till I took a peek in the crib.  Juliet was just put in the crib after her bath.  I heard Juliet crying but eventually stop a few minutes prior. Kyle had climbed in to put her to sleep.  Sooooooo sweet. I love those sweet moments.

So today got me thinking a lot about the importance of CONSISTENCY with kids. I used to waver on what I expected from the kids each day because I didn't want the fight. I read over and over in the James Dobson books how if you aren't,  the kids will always aim for those weak spots.  So true. I finally learned that unless I'm truly sick, like maybe BARFING or I gave birth, each day stays the same. They sure do test me on some days but I push right back because I know it's a test.  I was wondering if I was getting anywhere until I had some different guest kids at my house. These kids aren't used to our own household routine because they don't live here.  They tried hiding, saying they had headaches, starting puberty, blaming others, arguing, crying. I knew it was because the rules had to be established with them since it's not routine. I gave them grace because of it. Grace meaning,  the job still had to be done whether it took six hours. My kids have to do the chores within one hour or they get extra chores. I'm sure the kids I watched are great within the routines they are used to in their own home. It brought back memories of my kids when I was first trying to get them in routine. Now it's somewhat of a battle but NOTHING like the beginning. The experience last week was so reassuring for me.  I am getting somewhere with my kids!  AAAAAGH!

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Unknown said...

I love when the boys test my patience, however, I'm finding that it's really the eldest 3. The younger 2 are seriously awesome and non-defiant. LOL! I give you so much credit with homeschooling. I really want to do it, but hubby says no. (Is it bad of me that I'm hoping a few get expelled so I CAN do it.) LOL!! We are approaching spring break this week, so the kids will have off friday, monday and tuesday, so I'm sure come wednesday getting back into a routine will be pretty stinky....and think...summer is just around the corner....and THAT is when momma takes over with her homeschooling to keep the kids on task. :-)