Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oprah's Church Exposed

Wow.... how far she has come from her roots. It's hard to be a Christian yet fornicate for over twenty years and never get married. It's easy to see why someone would change their beliefs to fit their current lifestyle. My heart breaks for all the women who utterly love Oprah so much that they would follow her into her wherever she goes. "But she does so much for mankind! She cares about people! She speaks up for the minorities and the sick! She gives so much money to the poor!"

The bible says, "Dear children, do not let any person lead you the wrong way. Christ is righteous. To be like Christ, a person must do what is right. The devil has been sinning since the beginning. Anyone who continues to sin belongs to the devil." 1 John 3:7-8

Concerning Adultery and Fornication: "Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral." Hebrews 13:4

"For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear." 2 Timothy 4:3

Please seek scripture before believing what anyone has to tell you about beliefs and the bible. This is why it's so important to know the word of God. It is so easy to love someone so much, or really admire someone, so we just soak in everything they say.

One day I was talking to some of my husband's family. I laughed when Oprah was mentioned as a Christian. They looked at me strange and said, "she is too a Christian! What makes you think she is not?" I replied that the bible says no fornicator shall enter the kingdom of Heaven. She has been with her boyfriend for over 20 years and has not gotten married. Nor is she planning to. The bible is the bible and you cannot call yourself a Christian if you don't even believe the bible. You can't just tear out a page in the bible that you do not like. That's not how it works. His family then mentioned that she has done many good works. Still the bible says that it is not our good works that gets us into heaven. That our righteousness is as filthy rags before the Lord. Let us not forget that God is a merciful God. I was at one time there! I willingly lived in fornication. I KNEW that I had turned my back on God and His Word. I willingly was sinning. But, I repented. That is huge. Not just a "sorry" and did my Catholic ritual and went back again and again and again. I repented of that sin, moved as far away as possible from that situation and changed my ways. God is such a merciful God and will help us! He loves us so much. I pray that other Christians will not buy into Oprah's lies and her own deceptions. Oprah is simply finding anyway possible to justify her way of life. "Itching ears". As scripture states above.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The GODMAKERS - Mormon Beliefs

Many teens from polygamist compound pregnant Texas officials say more than half the teenage girls taken from a polygamist compound in west Texas have children or are pregnant.

This is unbelievable. I'm sorry, but does anyone see a pattern in some cults out there today? Why is it that a lot of these religions are all somehow circled around sex? Lets look at the core of the Mormon religion shall we? I don't care what mormons might tell you today. I've STUDIED deeps into the mormon religion. I've spoken to true and dedicated Mormons who have gone deep into it. Of course they believe in polygamy. Its IN their bible. So just because they say they don't believe in it, did they erase it from their bible? Um... if their bible is so true, why would they denounce that one part? Well, that's easy, they say they don't believe it because it's SICK and they know they aren't gonna change the governements mind (as of yet) on this issue. So they backed off of it. It is so strange that mormons today don't even know the basis of their religion. They have only scratched the surface. This will give you an idea. Believe me, they won't tell you this stuff in their first 6 sessions with you. It takes awhile of becoming a mormon to learn all of this. This is not all, this is just some of the beliefs. Why is so many religions based around sex? Muslim men believe they'll die and have 70 virgins waiting for them and a river of wine. Mormon men desire many wives and believe all they are gonna do is have sex, sex, sex in heaven. Why are cults always based around men wanting sex? I know know, you ask me. Fantasies?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nursing Home Ministry

My family and I like to visit the nursing home on Sundays since there is a ministry there my church does. My friend and his family bring church there for the elderly who can't get out and go to church. They just love it! We sing songs, have a smaller sermon, and prayer time. I really wanted my boys to get into caring for souls and they are just loving it. After this video, the ladies reached out and hugged my boys. My boys got over their shyness quickly. Ha ha. We just joined two weeks ago and we can hardly wait to go next week! My kids especially love visiting the elderly and having church there. :D Oh, this is a picture of my boys watching themselves in the video below. Cute. Praise God for people like George and Becky who are so faithful to lead this ministry week after week.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 Random Things

Okay Homeschool and Etc., I'll give it a try. Hmmmm. 3 random things about me. Okay.

1.) I hate it when people assume that they can tell you how many kids you are supposed to have. Birth control was only invented about 50 or so years ago. Why is it that all of a sudden it's wrong to have more than 3 kids even though it was done differently, before birth control, for thousands of years? Does that make any sense at all? Our grandmothers had like 9 or 10 kids and that was okay. Now, just a few decades later, it's an injustice. It's wrong. It's not fair to have more than 3. That is just weird thinking. (My pastor said it's usually just based around selfishness). Shhhh, don't tell anyone I said that. I love kids! It's amazing how fast birth control changed the minds of people towards children. Okay, I shared this because it's a serious pet peeve of mine. This is huge! So I just had to tell you.

2.) Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to be married to my best friend? I went through a pretty tough relationship for 4 years before him. I always wondered why it was so hard to get along with a human being. Then I met Charles and we clicked like puzzle pieces together. We were a match. We were going to wait to get married but there was just so much confusion around us, people trying to get in the middle of it for weird reasons, so we upped our plans. We ended up planning our wedding in 5 days! Can you believe people betted that we wouldn't stay married for long? This December we will have been married for 10 years. I'm so lucky to have Charles. Only God could have known he was the perfect match for me. I really appreciate Charles a lot and I'm glad he is my very own best friend and love.

3.) Out of 5 kids, only one was planned. My middle child Kyle! All the others were surprises. I don't believe in birth control, at least any kind that puts hormones in your body, so it makes it pretty difficult at times to never have oopsies. Ha ha. Oh well, they are the best oopsies I've ever had. I love every single one of them and I am not looking forward to the day I have no little pitter patter of feet around here. They are my little "Awesomes". When little Ashley gets too big. I'm just gonna have to have another one! Oopsie.

Back To The Mall

(You can click on pics for better view on some.)

We haven't really been to the mall in a while but since I go to the salon there, my family likes to come along. I used to like going there, but lately I haven't really been into it. I just see all this stuff and I buy, buy buy! You'd be surprised and think it's me but it's because Charles spoils me. He'll pass by one of my favorite stores, New York & Co. or Charlotte Russe, and he'll want to buy me clothes. Soooo, I haven't gone in awhile and been focusing more attention on planting trees in my backyard and some landscaping. Trying to make our home more of a refuge for having people over for fellowship or just being together as a family. :) PLUS, Charles said he likes to stay away from the mall in the summer time if he can help it. If you know what he means! (Girls dress much worse when it's very hot out). I'm glad he's like that. What an awesome guy. Right now, we have been so sick around here! I don't know exactly with what but it seems like it's just the 24 hour flu bug. Not fun! But.... we'll get past it. Charles is out playing games with his buddy. We already played the other night at Gameworks and (hate to admit it) I was terribly scared on a ride that shoots you in the air. I was playing against my other boys and I kept wanting to look over and make sure they were okay. I'm such a mom now. Ha ha.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen Places I've visited

1. Globe, Arizona. It's a neat town that I was born in but remember, it's an old mining town so don't go there for excitement. Go for the history. I was born in a little one story hospital there where they had wallpaper with big orange flowers on it.

2. Alamorgordo, New Mexico. Well, I went there for a church bootcamp 5 different times. We didn't always camp in that exact area but would drive out into the boonies some and would stay there. It was just so nice there and my skin must've loved it because after staying there a week, my skin was flawless. I mean, I've never had pimple problems. But... my skin looked amazing! Where I live, everyone looks like prunes by 40. Haha.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada. Okay, not for the reason you think. I've never gambled. When my husband and I were dating, we drove out there and I saw it for the first time. The lights were amazing! I couldn't believe it. After we were married, my husband and I stayed in the Flamingo Hilton. Well, I accidentally, actually both of us, both got locked out in our pj's. We had to wait a long time to be let back in our rooms. So, we just sat by the elevator with people walking around in evening gowns. Here I was in my cow pajamas. It was pretty funny.

4. Seattle, Washinton. I have some family that lives there and it is just so gorgeous there. If you don't like rain, don't move there! I love the beach and the fairy boats. That's the type of boats. (Not for gay people). Hee hee. Okay. Sorry about the joke. Um.... on to the next one.

5. Auburn, California. I may be a city girl in a lot of ways. But I have a little bit of country in me too. That is partly why I have chickens. I wish I lived just barely outside of town. Close enough to go have fun in the city, but far enough to have the quiet and solitude. Auburn, Ca. is very pretty.

6. The coast of Oregon. When I was sixteen, I travelled with my best friend and relatives up the coast of California, up through Oregon. They have some amazing caves to check out there. Even better, the Redwood Forest. Oh, it was BEAUTIFUL.

7. Mexico, Can't remember what parts. Okay, I don't really, really want to go back there. But it's nice for the experience. I couldn't believe how bland the food was there though. I was amazed at the poverty level. I truly felt blessed to be an American. Even Still. They have it way better than some of the third world nations. For sure. It was neat experience though.

8. Oh my gosh. I don't know if I can make it to thirteen. I'm not much of a travelor nor do I care to so this is tough.

9. Um... Umm....

10. I've been to church! haha! Yeah! In this day and society, going to church is like going into a foreign place because everyone lives differently than the rest of the world. So, I'll consider this one as a place. Ha. The bible says that we are in the world but not to be OF the world. Big difference there. I think a lot of Christians forget that. Some are even afraid to share their faith. Don't be afraid! There is a real eternity. If you have the answer, share it.

11. Tuscon, Az. Okay, I've been there. It's ugly. Trust me. Don't waste your money. Just...take my word for it.

12. Tombstone, Az. COOL. I loooove history so this was just so utterly cool to see. Wow. It will even have signs posted around about the things that happened there. The gun fights. It's just like in the movie "Tombstone".

13. Oh my gosh, I made it!! Hahahahahhahaha! Just one more! um.... I know! Phoenix, Az! It's got it's ugly side but if you like lots of traffic, crazy drivers, pollution, wannabe gangsters, this is your place. Just kidding. No really, I think I would pick Scottsdale, Az. It's really pretty. My husband and I spent a lot of our dating times there. Just walking around the downtown area. Real pretty and they have great restaurants.

I made the list!!! I cheated on a couple but hey, I don't care to travel much. I'll make my final destination for Heaven though. I've definitely prepared for that. :)

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Jack Is The Man

So Jack is supposed to start crowing within a few days give or take. He's pretty much a teen right now so it'll be funny seeing him trying to develop his crow. (However you say that) I'm so excited about it. But... I wonder about my neighbors. Will I get hate mail? Eggs thrown at my house? Hmmm... Well, we will be buying plans from this guy to build a hen house and I'm probably gonna close them up every night so that Jack, my man, won't be harrassing the neighborhood at ungodly hours. I have other roosters in the neighborhood but not in my immediate neighborhood. I can hear the other ones in the day time though but it's faint. Hmmm.... Anyhow, here is the crew. Don't worry, Jack. You'll have a better pad soon!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hallway Closet Organizing

This is a small feat for me because this hallway closet was bugging me for a looong time. Everytime I passed it in the hallway, it just made me frustrated. I have so much to do but this was enough to just bug me looking at it. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I organized it. After I took the pic, I even labeled the shelves, "Small books, Large books, Linens, Towels, hand towels, blankets, games". I feel much better now. Haha.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is a play that was put on at our church. We have concerts every Saturday night along with dramas. This is an excellent one that is very powerful. It's about about the creation of humans and the start of sin in man. simple private sharing

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Criticism Counts

(My Great Dane Daisy takes up an entire twin size mattress. I love her because she doesn't care when I get annoyed with her. She loves me anyway.)
Sometimes....sometimes criticism counts. More than we want to believe. I believe that completely dismissing criticism from others, you are missing a golden nugget. A piece of yourself that others see that you don't see. We are so quick to get angry and blow them off. Like we are just being attacked. But.... if you stop and think about it, there are a lot of things about ourself that we don't see because we see ourself in Rose colored glasses. However, somehow we manage to easily see mistakes in others. Could it be that we each think we are mostly perfect and not others? Or.. could it be that there just might be some truth in what they are saying? To me, it is a golden nugget. However, if the intentions are bad of that person, then of course it's harder to see. Yes, there are those that just find faults in everyone. Those that live to criticize. I'm not talking about those. They are the ones that like Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, and the likes. They like drama. But if you tend to hear the same stuff from several people, just try and examine yourself. See if there is any truth in it. It is good to be moldable. To grow. To learn from others. If someone tells me that they don't like to hang around me because I am overly opinionated. If I hear it from several people, I can either get angry, Or I can examine myself and change that. Also, we ourselves have to realize that not everyone does things like we do. There are several different ways of raising kids, and we each think we are right. There are different ways to dress, yet people constantly criticize each other's taste. Some people believe in homeschooling, others don't. We have to be careful in how we tend to think tha everyone needs to think JUST like us. No, people are different. Think differently. Talk differently. Look different. That's just life. We should be slow to criticize and careful to listen. Humble enough to give some thought to critism from others. A lot of times people do want to be our friends but something hinders it. Bugs them. Criticism can be so hard to take... but sometimes, just sometimes... it counts.

Homeschooling Frenzy (part 2)

(Picture is of Ryan, my 6 year old)
Okay, so I called the school the boys homeschool through and asked them what happens if we don't finish homeschooling by the end of the summer. Can they go on to 2nd grade? Elaine said that you have 12 months from the time you started. Well, I didn't start till January officially (that's when I signed up) because I pulled them out of the charter school they were going to. So I have till January now verses trying to finish by end of July. Phew! Yes! I was panicking! I was doing double lessons every day to get them caught up and sometimes they were just plumb tuckered out. I felt for the little guys. Plus I was really having a hard time keeping up on everything else because I spent most of my day just homeschooling them. I am just so relieved, I can't even tell you. Yay. My laundry is starting to get done again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Like a Vapor

Here is my little Ashley Rose at 7 months old now. Boy time flies! Man... She is just my little pumpkin and such an even tempered little sweetie. I know that time just flies so I feel like I'm grabbing onto the wind to keep them little. That's partly why I am homeschooling. This part in my life is just so fleeting, I just want to cherish every moment. Seeing my little ones run up to me when they have a boo boo. Kiss me without shame. I hear so many people say, "just yesterday he was riding his little tricycle and now he's applying for college." Ohhh, I just love my little ones! Time is so short. Our time here is as the scriptures say, "..Our life is like a vapor, here one moment and gone the next."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Journal... My List

You know, I've had some people tell me that they think I am writing about my personal life just so that people can get the hint that I need help. That is just SO STRANGE. It's just my journal! I can either be FAKE in my own journal, or make it exactly what it was meant to journal. Since I rarely ever talk about personal stuff, as people think I do so much, I will go ahead and make this one more personal. Usually I just talk about the fun stuff and events going on. Here goes.....

As Kristin states in her well written blog, "Out of Focus", there is just so much to do. I KNOW it is just a matter of organizing your life. There are things to do all the time, but there are also priorities. I have to say first and foremost, I absolutely love my family, my animals, and I wouldn't change it for the world. You could tell me that right now, if I went to work, I would make $200,000 a year, if only I would put my kids in day care. ) No way, Hosea could anyone convince me to throw my kids in day care just so I can have more money. I chose to have my kids so I will raise them. If I lived in a shack, had no food, and still couldn't make it, THEN, I might consider it. First I would lower my standard of living, then try something else. I've been there before, long ago. (Not in shack though, but in very small living quarters with no vehicle). I found that my happiness does not lie in worldly desires, but in relationships. In God. In my family. So, I said all that to say this.... just because I might complain a GREAT every now and then.... I am not looking for sympathy. I'm just giving you a list here of things to do. (Thanks for letting me get all that stuff off of my chest without sending me a computer virus). Now this list will get the burden off of my mind. My homemakers group said to always write your list of things to do down so it's not a burden on your mind. It works. So here goes. Links and all.

1. Spend more time in the Bible. (This is most important)

2. Plant grass in back yard (so kids don't come in muddy every day).

3. Build Hen house with these plans.

4. Plant at least 6 more trees in back yard.

5. Build garden for vegetables and somehow block Great Dane off from eating it all.

6. Start spring cleaning but first type out list of everything to be done.

7. Finish homeschooling before the last day of summer break.

8. Remove what is now a dead tree in front yard and replace with one that is obviously alive. (And next time not listen to landscaper about what tree to buy).

9. Build Daisy a dog house. Want to look like picture in link. So cute.

10. Throw away like half the stuff in my house. This has to be done like every 6 months to a year to keep house looking like this in picture. Simplify, simplify.

11. Finish painting living room.

12. Fix shade of green to lighter shade in kid's bathroom and buy accessories to match. Color looks too pea green.

13.... and so much more but I will stop here. :)

There, now people can officially say I wrote a personal email. NO I am not asking for help. I can do all this myself. PLUS, I enjoy it. Yes, the list is long and I just got started, but I am in no way asking for help. FYI, it is just a list. I actually like projects but I keep them for me to do but not push on anyone else. Otherwise, my family would chase me out of house. Haha! Not really. (But I'm sure they would be tempted).

Thanks to my blogging friends who never criticize and always encourage! You are a blessing completely.

Messing Up Colors

I've been painting a lot lately in my house but here is a picture of my blunder in the bathroom. This shade was supposed to be softer and more friendlier. Not so PEA Green. I have to fix it but just haven't had the time. I'm still waiting for my matching cream colored towels from Target that have a lion on it. I have so much more paint to do but I'm almost scared now! I hope I picked out those colors okay. This picture for some reason lightens up the green in the bathroom some. It's not as light as it's showing. But close to color though. Still looks pea green.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Learning Guitar

It has been so neat learning guitar with my husband. We have always wanted to but just never carved out the time. My husband is a drummer and I am a praise and worship singer at church and we absolutely love singing praise songs to God. My favorite, favorite music in the whole wide world is Praise and Worship. When my day is going rough, or I am having bible study with the kids, or I just want some quiet time with music, praise songs are what we love. Sooo, I hope to keep learning so we can play more. For now we can just play chords and strum well. We would like to go beyond that though. We love to just sit and play our guitars together and sing. It's just so neat that we share this interest. It is even neater that him and I have so much in common. :) I bet it's easy to spot which one is my guitar.

Haircutting Time!

Man, after I saw picture of Chaz holding our baby chicks, I realized I REALLY needed to cut their hair! Whoo-wee! Soooo, I got out the clippers and sat them down one by one. Then I realize when I'm all done, it wasn't that bad. I'm just used to them crying and stuff so it takes so long. This time they didn't though. I'm happy they have their short hair again!

Papa, Jump With Us!

This is a picture of my dad jumping with my kids on trampoline. It was fun getting in there with them and trying to make the kids bounce higher. I just had to grab a pic real fast. Ha ha. I can't wait to get grass in the backyard soon! I hate how barren it looks but that's how it was when we moved in. So far we've planted 3 more trees, so, there are 5 total, and some other pretty plants. Next will be a garden for vegetables and stuff. Just had to share this pic. Looks like my dad is about to just fly away. See ya!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I want to show you my four week old chicks! They are just too cute. That is their pen area, of course gated with picket fencing AND chicken wire. Chaz is in picture bonding with them so they'll get used to the kids. Hopefully we can build a bigger and better hen house soon. There are a lot of other projects first. Daisy (my Great Dane pup you see) needs her dog house to be built first and dog run. :) Here are some close up pics of chicks. There is 1 Partridge Silkie, 1 Buff Cochin, and 2 Porcelain (rooster and hen pair). The rooster and hen are Jack and Jill. They go everywhere together. So there is one rooster and 3 hens. So cute! The hens won't lay eggs for a few months but it'll be funny to hear the rooster start crowing because they sound so funny at first. Ha ha! I made the 3 of the pictures smaller for easy emailing but you can click on any of them to view bigger size. I love this neighborhood because I love hearing all the roosters crow. It's interesting though that they are right next to Ivy's window. She is already such a light sleeper. Will I be having coffee at 5am verses 7:30am soon? I hope not! Ha!! Probably would be good for me though. Anyhow, roosters crow all throughout the day, not just morning. So cute. (The pic of Chaz reminds me I need to cut the boy's hair!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Walmart Diagnosis

My fellow blogger at Homeschool and Etc. made this really funny comment. I can't help but agree.....

"Note to fellow shoppers: You usually cannot diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders based on what you see my children doing at the local Wal-Mart. Quit it, or get a medical degree and charge me the $25 copay like everybody else."

I couldn't of said it better myself! My son is high functioning Aspergers and you wouldn't believe all the different diagnoses I get from people. LOL.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Homeschooling Frenzy

When I decided to pull my kids out of public school this year, I did it because of some big issues my kids were dealing with at school. For one, they were riding the school bus for 2 hours every morning and getting up at 6am. Well, because I started in January verses starting in August when everyone else does, it put me extremely behind everyone else and behind the schedule that was set up for me. I actually didn't get to start until February because I had to wait for the materials! Sooo, as you can imagine my "panic" about finishing them on time for the next year. They did give me till the end of July to finish. STILL, I have to do two lessons a day per kid. That's two days worth. So, most of the day is taken with that. On top of it, I have to be a little cute housewife and get my stuff done. LOL! Well, I said ALL that only to say this. I started feeling weary. Between homeschooling (which takes 6-7 hours a day right now), nursing my baby, Taking care of boo boos (or ER visits), cleaning, laundry, meal times, diaper changes, etc., I was somehow wondering how I was gonna be able to keep managing. I felt overwhelmed! "Lord! I've read Proverbs 31 of what you said is a Godly wife! I am aiming for that, but I don't know how to manage even half that stuff. I want so much to train up my children to know You, to learn, to grow. I want our home to be a home of refuge. Not chaos. Please help me." I remembered that for so long, I keep forgetting to always give my mornings to Him. Just as we tithe of our first fruits of what belongs to God, we also give our mornings, or whatever time in our day to Him. Reading His word, talking to Him. This morning.... I remembered. The first thing that happened in my day was getting kids breakfast, feeding little Ashley, changing little diapers. Then... I remembered. The day has already begun and I've already started without Him". I called in all the kids and we sat on the couch. I played guitar and we sang one of my favorite songs "Here I Am To Worship". Then went into bible study and prayer. How quickly I forgot that God is so quick to meet us if only we reach out to Him! I, Virginia, am weak, but He is strong. It is prideful of me to think I can do it alone. "I don't need anyone." I didn't even see myself slowly getting weaker. Till one day I cry out and say, "where are You? I can't do it anymore." Then I remember. Give my first fruits of my day to Him. He will help carry me the rest of the way. Even though today was just as busy as any other day, there was a joy, a peace, a strengthening. I know it wasn't from me but from God. What a difference.

My Husband's Testimony! simple private sharing

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Letter From Hell

My job as a Christian is to share Jesus to others. This is a good reason why!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jiminy the Grasshopper

Well, a little grasshopper the other day hopped into Ryan's (my 6 year old) hand. He asked me if he could keep him. I said "sure" and went to go get the frog habitat that we have. You are supposed to buy a tadpole and put in water. Then as it grows to be a frog, we can watch the process. Pretty cool. We have wait to get a tadpole because it's not yet season. Soooo, I ran to get the frog habitat for my little Ryan's grasshopper. He was just so excited! He watched Jiminy and fed him. I told him little Jiminy likes plants especially but Ryan figured he would like a Cheezit.

 Well, Jiminy only lasted 2 days. Ryan cried his little eyes out at the discovery that his pet had died. Before I really knew how badly his heart was broken, he ran out to hide in the backyard. I went looking for him. He was crouched down hiding, still holding Jiminy in his hand. I told him I was so sorry and I cried with him. I talked to him about death (a lighter version) and offered to have a little funeral for him. Ryan said okay but as I began to dig the little hole, Ryan said "I am not putting Jiminy under the dirt"! He was afraid for Jiminy. So I offered something to put him in first. Well, we couldn't find anything tiny enough so I wrapped him in foil and we tried the funeral again. I said a few kind words (hee hee) and told him to have fun hopping around in buggy heaven. 

Later Ryan was asking me questions like, "Is there a buggy God? Can I see him again?" I explained that there is only one God and he oversees all the people, bugs, and animals. 5 times he dug up little Jiminy and I would see Ryan crying over him! The rest of the day he was just in tears and I would find him in a corner balling! I think this was Ryan's first incident with death and it just jarred his little innocent mind. So I explained it a little to him. Throughout the day we just cried together and talked about Jiminy. Just to comfort his little heart. I'm sure since we're getting chickens and a tadpole, Ryan will gain a new pet! LOL! Just had to share this story with you. Kids are just too cute.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Outreaching For Souls!

I wanted to share with you some neat things we do to reach out beyond "the four walls" of our church so that we can bring a witness to others who don't know Christ. Here is an outreach we did at a park. Heads up! The pic you see of the teens holding beer and laughing is a drama they are putting on! There is no beer in there. LOL! Here are some great pics and some videos. There are a couple of pics of my boys in the jumping thing with their faces painted. Here is a great pic of someone in church praying a sinner prayer with someone. This is what it's all about! Not for my entertainment but to reach out for souls.

More great pics and videos
Park Outreach
Login password is funday

Our Teen Drama

Here is a great short skit our teens put on during our Saturday night scenes. :o) simple private sharing

Sunday School Class

You can see my two sons (blond hair) in their sunday school class at church. So cute! simple private sharing