Saturday, April 12, 2008


I want to show you my four week old chicks! They are just too cute. That is their pen area, of course gated with picket fencing AND chicken wire. Chaz is in picture bonding with them so they'll get used to the kids. Hopefully we can build a bigger and better hen house soon. There are a lot of other projects first. Daisy (my Great Dane pup you see) needs her dog house to be built first and dog run. :) Here are some close up pics of chicks. There is 1 Partridge Silkie, 1 Buff Cochin, and 2 Porcelain (rooster and hen pair). The rooster and hen are Jack and Jill. They go everywhere together. So there is one rooster and 3 hens. So cute! The hens won't lay eggs for a few months but it'll be funny to hear the rooster start crowing because they sound so funny at first. Ha ha! I made the 3 of the pictures smaller for easy emailing but you can click on any of them to view bigger size. I love this neighborhood because I love hearing all the roosters crow. It's interesting though that they are right next to Ivy's window. She is already such a light sleeper. Will I be having coffee at 5am verses 7:30am soon? I hope not! Ha!! Probably would be good for me though. Anyhow, roosters crow all throughout the day, not just morning. So cute. (The pic of Chaz reminds me I need to cut the boy's hair!)

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Wow! Soon you'll be milking your own yaks for milk and growing wheat in the back yard for bread...

HOW do you do all this??! And can I have some, too? ;]