Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen Places I've visited

1. Globe, Arizona. It's a neat town that I was born in but remember, it's an old mining town so don't go there for excitement. Go for the history. I was born in a little one story hospital there where they had wallpaper with big orange flowers on it.

2. Alamorgordo, New Mexico. Well, I went there for a church bootcamp 5 different times. We didn't always camp in that exact area but would drive out into the boonies some and would stay there. It was just so nice there and my skin must've loved it because after staying there a week, my skin was flawless. I mean, I've never had pimple problems. But... my skin looked amazing! Where I live, everyone looks like prunes by 40. Haha.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada. Okay, not for the reason you think. I've never gambled. When my husband and I were dating, we drove out there and I saw it for the first time. The lights were amazing! I couldn't believe it. After we were married, my husband and I stayed in the Flamingo Hilton. Well, I accidentally, actually both of us, both got locked out in our pj's. We had to wait a long time to be let back in our rooms. So, we just sat by the elevator with people walking around in evening gowns. Here I was in my cow pajamas. It was pretty funny.

4. Seattle, Washinton. I have some family that lives there and it is just so gorgeous there. If you don't like rain, don't move there! I love the beach and the fairy boats. That's the type of boats. (Not for gay people). Hee hee. Okay. Sorry about the joke. Um.... on to the next one.

5. Auburn, California. I may be a city girl in a lot of ways. But I have a little bit of country in me too. That is partly why I have chickens. I wish I lived just barely outside of town. Close enough to go have fun in the city, but far enough to have the quiet and solitude. Auburn, Ca. is very pretty.

6. The coast of Oregon. When I was sixteen, I travelled with my best friend and relatives up the coast of California, up through Oregon. They have some amazing caves to check out there. Even better, the Redwood Forest. Oh, it was BEAUTIFUL.

7. Mexico, Can't remember what parts. Okay, I don't really, really want to go back there. But it's nice for the experience. I couldn't believe how bland the food was there though. I was amazed at the poverty level. I truly felt blessed to be an American. Even Still. They have it way better than some of the third world nations. For sure. It was neat experience though.

8. Oh my gosh. I don't know if I can make it to thirteen. I'm not much of a travelor nor do I care to so this is tough.

9. Um... Umm....

10. I've been to church! haha! Yeah! In this day and society, going to church is like going into a foreign place because everyone lives differently than the rest of the world. So, I'll consider this one as a place. Ha. The bible says that we are in the world but not to be OF the world. Big difference there. I think a lot of Christians forget that. Some are even afraid to share their faith. Don't be afraid! There is a real eternity. If you have the answer, share it.

11. Tuscon, Az. Okay, I've been there. It's ugly. Trust me. Don't waste your money. Just...take my word for it.

12. Tombstone, Az. COOL. I loooove history so this was just so utterly cool to see. Wow. It will even have signs posted around about the things that happened there. The gun fights. It's just like in the movie "Tombstone".

13. Oh my gosh, I made it!! Hahahahahhahaha! Just one more! um.... I know! Phoenix, Az! It's got it's ugly side but if you like lots of traffic, crazy drivers, pollution, wannabe gangsters, this is your place. Just kidding. No really, I think I would pick Scottsdale, Az. It's really pretty. My husband and I spent a lot of our dating times there. Just walking around the downtown area. Real pretty and they have great restaurants.

I made the list!!! I cheated on a couple but hey, I don't care to travel much. I'll make my final destination for Heaven though. I've definitely prepared for that. :)

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Pfingston said...

I had to laugh when I read your mention of how bland you found Mexican food.
Really - you'd think that they'd know how to make their own stuff! It's so true that the day to day stuff is nothing like they have at american mexican restaurants!
It's pretty similar to what my husband said - he likes American style Mexican food.