Thursday, April 10, 2008

Homeschooling Frenzy

When I decided to pull my kids out of public school this year, I did it because of some big issues my kids were dealing with at school. For one, they were riding the school bus for 2 hours every morning and getting up at 6am. Well, because I started in January verses starting in August when everyone else does, it put me extremely behind everyone else and behind the schedule that was set up for me. I actually didn't get to start until February because I had to wait for the materials! Sooo, as you can imagine my "panic" about finishing them on time for the next year. They did give me till the end of July to finish. STILL, I have to do two lessons a day per kid. That's two days worth. So, most of the day is taken with that. On top of it, I have to be a little cute housewife and get my stuff done. LOL! Well, I said ALL that only to say this. I started feeling weary. Between homeschooling (which takes 6-7 hours a day right now), nursing my baby, Taking care of boo boos (or ER visits), cleaning, laundry, meal times, diaper changes, etc., I was somehow wondering how I was gonna be able to keep managing. I felt overwhelmed! "Lord! I've read Proverbs 31 of what you said is a Godly wife! I am aiming for that, but I don't know how to manage even half that stuff. I want so much to train up my children to know You, to learn, to grow. I want our home to be a home of refuge. Not chaos. Please help me." I remembered that for so long, I keep forgetting to always give my mornings to Him. Just as we tithe of our first fruits of what belongs to God, we also give our mornings, or whatever time in our day to Him. Reading His word, talking to Him. This morning.... I remembered. The first thing that happened in my day was getting kids breakfast, feeding little Ashley, changing little diapers. Then... I remembered. The day has already begun and I've already started without Him". I called in all the kids and we sat on the couch. I played guitar and we sang one of my favorite songs "Here I Am To Worship". Then went into bible study and prayer. How quickly I forgot that God is so quick to meet us if only we reach out to Him! I, Virginia, am weak, but He is strong. It is prideful of me to think I can do it alone. "I don't need anyone." I didn't even see myself slowly getting weaker. Till one day I cry out and say, "where are You? I can't do it anymore." Then I remember. Give my first fruits of my day to Him. He will help carry me the rest of the way. Even though today was just as busy as any other day, there was a joy, a peace, a strengthening. I know it wasn't from me but from God. What a difference.

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El Shaddai Ranch said...

I just want to encourage you that every other homeschooler is feeling how you are feeling at SOME point in the year. I would guess most feel overwhelmed during spring. Most homeschoolers decide to quit during spring time. Everyone is just DONE. Think about public school, the teachers there are fed up too - it's just that time of the year. I want to encourage you not to make a decision about the future until summertime. You'll feel more refreshed and be able to look back on this semester with clearer vision.

Oh, and that starting out the day with the Lord thing R-E-A-L-L-Y helps!