Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Journal... My List

You know, I've had some people tell me that they think I am writing about my personal life just so that people can get the hint that I need help. That is just SO STRANGE. It's just my journal! I can either be FAKE in my own journal, or make it exactly what it was meant to journal. Since I rarely ever talk about personal stuff, as people think I do so much, I will go ahead and make this one more personal. Usually I just talk about the fun stuff and events going on. Here goes.....

As Kristin states in her well written blog, "Out of Focus", there is just so much to do. I KNOW it is just a matter of organizing your life. There are things to do all the time, but there are also priorities. I have to say first and foremost, I absolutely love my family, my animals, and I wouldn't change it for the world. You could tell me that right now, if I went to work, I would make $200,000 a year, if only I would put my kids in day care. ) No way, Hosea could anyone convince me to throw my kids in day care just so I can have more money. I chose to have my kids so I will raise them. If I lived in a shack, had no food, and still couldn't make it, THEN, I might consider it. First I would lower my standard of living, then try something else. I've been there before, long ago. (Not in shack though, but in very small living quarters with no vehicle). I found that my happiness does not lie in worldly desires, but in relationships. In God. In my family. So, I said all that to say this.... just because I might complain a GREAT every now and then.... I am not looking for sympathy. I'm just giving you a list here of things to do. (Thanks for letting me get all that stuff off of my chest without sending me a computer virus). Now this list will get the burden off of my mind. My homemakers group said to always write your list of things to do down so it's not a burden on your mind. It works. So here goes. Links and all.

1. Spend more time in the Bible. (This is most important)

2. Plant grass in back yard (so kids don't come in muddy every day).

3. Build Hen house with these plans.

4. Plant at least 6 more trees in back yard.

5. Build garden for vegetables and somehow block Great Dane off from eating it all.

6. Start spring cleaning but first type out list of everything to be done.

7. Finish homeschooling before the last day of summer break.

8. Remove what is now a dead tree in front yard and replace with one that is obviously alive. (And next time not listen to landscaper about what tree to buy).

9. Build Daisy a dog house. Want to look like picture in link. So cute.

10. Throw away like half the stuff in my house. This has to be done like every 6 months to a year to keep house looking like this in picture. Simplify, simplify.

11. Finish painting living room.

12. Fix shade of green to lighter shade in kid's bathroom and buy accessories to match. Color looks too pea green.

13.... and so much more but I will stop here. :)

There, now people can officially say I wrote a personal email. NO I am not asking for help. I can do all this myself. PLUS, I enjoy it. Yes, the list is long and I just got started, but I am in no way asking for help. FYI, it is just a list. I actually like projects but I keep them for me to do but not push on anyone else. Otherwise, my family would chase me out of house. Haha! Not really. (But I'm sure they would be tempted).

Thanks to my blogging friends who never criticize and always encourage! You are a blessing completely.

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