Saturday, April 19, 2008

Homeschooling Frenzy (part 2)

(Picture is of Ryan, my 6 year old)
Okay, so I called the school the boys homeschool through and asked them what happens if we don't finish homeschooling by the end of the summer. Can they go on to 2nd grade? Elaine said that you have 12 months from the time you started. Well, I didn't start till January officially (that's when I signed up) because I pulled them out of the charter school they were going to. So I have till January now verses trying to finish by end of July. Phew! Yes! I was panicking! I was doing double lessons every day to get them caught up and sometimes they were just plumb tuckered out. I felt for the little guys. Plus I was really having a hard time keeping up on everything else because I spent most of my day just homeschooling them. I am just so relieved, I can't even tell you. Yay. My laundry is starting to get done again.

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