Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back To The Mall

(You can click on pics for better view on some.)

We haven't really been to the mall in a while but since I go to the salon there, my family likes to come along. I used to like going there, but lately I haven't really been into it. I just see all this stuff and I buy, buy buy! You'd be surprised and think it's me but it's because Charles spoils me. He'll pass by one of my favorite stores, New York & Co. or Charlotte Russe, and he'll want to buy me clothes. Soooo, I haven't gone in awhile and been focusing more attention on planting trees in my backyard and some landscaping. Trying to make our home more of a refuge for having people over for fellowship or just being together as a family. :) PLUS, Charles said he likes to stay away from the mall in the summer time if he can help it. If you know what he means! (Girls dress much worse when it's very hot out). I'm glad he's like that. What an awesome guy. Right now, we have been so sick around here! I don't know exactly with what but it seems like it's just the 24 hour flu bug. Not fun! But.... we'll get past it. Charles is out playing games with his buddy. We already played the other night at Gameworks and (hate to admit it) I was terribly scared on a ride that shoots you in the air. I was playing against my other boys and I kept wanting to look over and make sure they were okay. I'm such a mom now. Ha ha.

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