Saturday, April 19, 2008

Criticism Counts

(My Great Dane Daisy takes up an entire twin size mattress. I love her because she doesn't care when I get annoyed with her. She loves me anyway.)
Sometimes....sometimes criticism counts. More than we want to believe. I believe that completely dismissing criticism from others, you are missing a golden nugget. A piece of yourself that others see that you don't see. We are so quick to get angry and blow them off. Like we are just being attacked. But.... if you stop and think about it, there are a lot of things about ourself that we don't see because we see ourself in Rose colored glasses. However, somehow we manage to easily see mistakes in others. Could it be that we each think we are mostly perfect and not others? Or.. could it be that there just might be some truth in what they are saying? To me, it is a golden nugget. However, if the intentions are bad of that person, then of course it's harder to see. Yes, there are those that just find faults in everyone. Those that live to criticize. I'm not talking about those. They are the ones that like Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, and the likes. They like drama. But if you tend to hear the same stuff from several people, just try and examine yourself. See if there is any truth in it. It is good to be moldable. To grow. To learn from others. If someone tells me that they don't like to hang around me because I am overly opinionated. If I hear it from several people, I can either get angry, Or I can examine myself and change that. Also, we ourselves have to realize that not everyone does things like we do. There are several different ways of raising kids, and we each think we are right. There are different ways to dress, yet people constantly criticize each other's taste. Some people believe in homeschooling, others don't. We have to be careful in how we tend to think tha everyone needs to think JUST like us. No, people are different. Think differently. Talk differently. Look different. That's just life. We should be slow to criticize and careful to listen. Humble enough to give some thought to critism from others. A lot of times people do want to be our friends but something hinders it. Bugs them. Criticism can be so hard to take... but sometimes, just sometimes... it counts.

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