Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jack Is The Man

So Jack is supposed to start crowing within a few days give or take. He's pretty much a teen right now so it'll be funny seeing him trying to develop his crow. (However you say that) I'm so excited about it. But... I wonder about my neighbors. Will I get hate mail? Eggs thrown at my house? Hmmm... Well, we will be buying plans from this guy to build a hen house and I'm probably gonna close them up every night so that Jack, my man, won't be harrassing the neighborhood at ungodly hours. I have other roosters in the neighborhood but not in my immediate neighborhood. I can hear the other ones in the day time though but it's faint. Hmmm.... Anyhow, here is the crew. Don't worry, Jack. You'll have a better pad soon!

1 comment:

Pfingston said...

I, personally love th hear the roaster crow! I've been trying to catch up on your postings . . whew! I've been a slacker or you have been busy!!!
Anyway - hellos!