Friday, October 12, 2012

Terrible Birthdays

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and it was a rough day.  I feel so bad and I tried to hard to smile and act like everything was okay.  People can really throw me for a loop but it's time to move on, get over, and remember that today is a NEW  day.  

The day started rough when I got some nasty hate mail.  I was shocked by it's contents. How could anyone write something so mean and hateful?  How could someone do it all in the name of Jesus?  Remember that if you are writing a letter in the name of Jesus, it might need to contain some of his characteristics.  If you want to rebuke someone, do it out of love.  I had to write a letter to this person but it was written out of love, not anger, or spitefulness, or insulting.  When I thought I couldn't be shocked anymore by hate mail, this took it to a new level.  Oh well.  Time to dry up the tears, build a bridge, and move on.

Today is a NEW DAY!  :D

Towards the end of the day yesterday I took my boys and their friend to the pool for some fun in the water. It was cloudy and possibly rainy outside but this is all indoors.  The boys like to kid for the pictures and I didn't stop them.  LOL.  They are so funny.

After we got back home I asked Charles what he would like for his birthday dinner and he said tacos.  Thankfully I had all the ingredients so I whipped them together fast and they loved it. It was gone in a whirlwind. Man, if you want to not die of starvation in a large family as a mother, be sure to cook more than enough so you can have some.  Heh heh.  I always under cook the right amount and get stuck with what's left.  Good for the diet though!  We sang to Charles with a cake in hand and before you could say " Joe Biden should never become vice-president for anyone", the cake was gone.  Wow!  It went fast.
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