Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally Dropping Pounds and Working Out Homeschooling Outside the Home

I had been getting so frustrated with my dieting because I was stuck at only a 10lb weight loss.  My mom reminded me about another friend that lost a lot of weight by replacing two of her meals with a protein shake.  Good idea!  I was already having 1 a day but was still eating three Paleo friendly meals.  Well, it was keeping off my weight but wasn't letting me drop more.  So now I've lost 13lbs and super excited.  Every morning I wake up I'm losing more.  Super happy with it and gonna keep it up till I get to my goal weight which is only 10 more lbs.  It gets harder the closer to you get to your goal weight.  My husband thinks I'm crazy and said I'm too strict on my diet but I tell him I love being thin more.  :D  The other night our church had a potluck and it was kinda tough to pick only meat and vegetables since there was so little like that but eventually I found some chicken (without the breading), some pepperoni's, and some soup without any carbs in it.  It was delicious!  :D  I was proud about that because there was food and dessert everywhere.  It was more filling fellowshipping with my friends anyway.

Since we shut off the internet we are homeschooling at our community center.  It is in some ways harder because we need to drive over here but it's better because it's less distractions for the kids.  It keeps the two separate and all kids can be on a computer at once.  We still do some homeschooling at home but take the computer work to the lab.  We are condensing it so we don't have to be here every day.  So far we like it so we'll see.  Charles and I are still loving not having internet at home.  We have been reading books a lot more which is way healthier.  I'm excited! 

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momto9 said...

Very interesting! I hope this proves to work for you...I can see how it could