Monday, October 29, 2012

Putting Out Extra Plates for Extra Kids

Did I ever think about the fact that my kids my might make friends with other kids and so we'd have lots of extra kids over?  Noooo.... Ha ha.  Lately I've been making lots of extra food for welcoming more little guests in the house.  In fact, I have so many kids over lately that today I couldn't even remember why my friend was dropping her kids off at my house.  When she said thank you and that she was leaving to their work party I was like, "Oh, yeah, alright."  We're just happy to have them so it really doesn't matter why.  Tonight I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner to feed the hungry herd.  I got out my 5lbs of pork and quickly put together a stirfry meal since I happened to have all the ingredients. 

So this is what it's like to feed 10 kids.... the house was active and very loud.  Charles and I looked at each other and smiled because we know we are in the best times of our life right now.  So far.... If it gets better and better then that's awesome! 

My boys are big on wrestling so I always have to warn the other boys that come over if they aren't used to it.  You can usually tell if they don't have any brothers of their own.  :)  Usually the girls will hop into the big pile. 
My girls looooove to play in the their play make up.  Although they can't wear it out, it makes them feel big and it's hilarious where they think some if it goes.  Today Ashley had blue eyebrows.  I don't know, maybe the fad can catch on?
After we ate we took all 10 kids to Mcdonalds.  It went from a quiet cafe type scene into what it's supposed to be, a kid playland!  :D  We seriously need to get a bigger van so we can go on more adventures with extra kids. 
Ivy (left) with her friend


Chris H said...

I love the new Header! Those photos are just gorgeous. Lots of kids are fun.

momto9 said...

I always marvel at all you do with your kids. I'm probably just hard on myself cause its evening and I'm tired. You rock!