Thursday, October 04, 2012

Meatoplasty Surgery on My Toddler

Yesterday Caleb went into surgery for Meatal Stenosis.  He has been in a lot of pain and it was causing an infection.  We didn't have time to try alternate routes because it was worsening fast.  It's not fun when you have a toddler that is screaming and jumping up and down every time he has to pee.  Poor guy.  My friend came over to watch the kids so we could go alone with Caleb.

In waiting room before prep
Good thing I left an extra half hour early because we got lost and barely made it on time.  There was several other little kids there and I wondered what they were there for.  Can't help the curiosity but of course I didn't ask anyone.  After they led us back they gave him a little gown and socks.  He would not keep the socks on and kept taking them off no matter how many times we put them back on.  Finally they just brought him a blanket.  :)

In prep before surgery

It was sad when they took him from us and we saw him walk away holding the nurse's hand.  What parent excitedly waves bye to their baby going into surgery even if it's minor surgery?  It's scary when you know they are getting an epidural and being put under.  We couldn't wait till he woke up and when he did he had a sad face for a long time.  He was begging for us to take his I.V. out but he had to wait.  He's in a lot of pain now and on some strong medication.  I'm supposed to help keep it open every diaper change and it's tough because he doesn't want anyone near that area.  Poor guy. :(  The medicine knocks him out thank goodness because he needs to let himself heal.  

I got back from the hospital and my poor friend looked tired with nine kids in the house.  She has three kids herself but you know it's quite a jump when you come along and go, "Here is six more!"  She so amazing because I don't know of anyone else that would do that for me.  She went a step beyond and had them do their chores while I was gone so I could come back to an easier evening.  Phew.  Thank goodness for such an amazing friend!  :D

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Amber said...

I'm so sorry Caleb is going through such a tough experience! Prayers headed your way for healing and peace.