Saturday, October 27, 2012

Keeping Kids Pure in a Hollywood Loving World

I have completely disappeared for a week but for a really good reason.  :D  This one makes me smile.  We were completely decluttering our house.  Our garage is filling up with stuff for our garage sale.  I can't believe how fantastic the house looks again and I'm really proud of the kids for decluttering with me.  After decluttering my room, I thought I'd show you a picture of one of my daughter's great decorating ideas.  It's not really my favorite and I had to remove it.  See if you can spot it in the picture.  :)

Recently we shut off our internet to focus more on God and more on our family.  We are fine with it but since I've noticed the kids have withdrawals from it, I'm glad I cut the entertainment I.V.  We don't have movies in the house but there are some exceptions to the rule.  If it is for educational purposes it's fine.  We allow all 19 Kids and Counting episodes, and some Clean House.  Of course all are on DVD.  I let the kids get an idea of what we were gonna do by letting see some Clean House episodes.  It was so awesome seeing the kids go through and clean out their rooms without me having to push them.  We used to have regular movies before but it was getting almost impossible to find anything that had no fornication, swearing, or blasphemy.  Why is it so hard for Hollyweird to show a married couple without making it seem boring or bland?  It's just so wrong of me to make stands against these things to my kids but then watch it in a movie.  Yikes. 

Ryan and Chaz

The other day we were walking through Walmart picking up a few items and I didn't really notice that we were walking through the women's section.  Chaz had his head down and once we passed it said, "How come the world has to always portray women in a perverted way."  Surprised by this question  I told him that whatever good God makes the devil always has to pervert or twist it.  Sometimes it's truly hard to live with higher standards because it's so opposite of the flow of the world, but watching my kids grow up with a love of God, a willingness to serve others, and see them desire what is pure and righteous makes it all so, so, so worth it. 
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