Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Family Photos 2012!

Awhile back I bought a Groupon for family photos at Walmart.  I've had great photos with them in the past and was tired of spending tons of money at some of the other studios I went to.  Still, I was crossing my fingers that I had a really good photographer being it was Walmart.  You can get great photos there but the photographer can make or break the quality of them. Well, I got a Groupon to where I'd only pay $35 but get a $165 package.  I'll take it!

I put off family portraits because it's so hard to actually get them done.  I knew I was gonna have to color coordinate everyone and hope that I could keep the babies happy through the process.  We were seriously stressing because last week was already really tough.  I HAD to use the Groupon because it was about to expire so I planned it on the last day.  I'm so glad I did that because it forced me to stop putting it off.

We got there right at 4pm with everyone looking gorgeous but the photographer was a half hour late.  Our little ones were starting to fuss so I was really worried and getting really frustrated.  The more kids you have in the photo the more work it is to keep everyone looking nice and happy by the time it happens.

Boy, she might have been late but she didn't disappoint us!  She cranked the photos out and kept commenting that she's never had such an easy family to take pictures of. Turns out she works for a really nice photography place in the day (and much more expensive) and works at Walmart at night.  She had us finished in a half hour.  I am going back to her in the future because we were super impressed.

Crazy photos!


Amber said...

What great pictures! We can never seem to take a family photo with everyone smiling, eyes open, and looking the right direction! Yall look awesome.

BekLovesJeremy said...

wow! great pictures!!!!! you all look amazing!

Motherhen said...

Your family is gorgeous! Love the photos. Thank you for sharing.

Chris H said...

What darling photos.