Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Finally Getting to Potty Train Caleb

Caleb is in the middle of potty training finally.  The doctors told us to wait since he had to have surgery.  Well, it's not fun for him because he always has the fear that it's gonna be painful.  Slowly, little by little, he's starting to realize that it's gonna be okay and is picking up on it fast.  It's not going so great when we go out somewhere.  If I put underwear on Caleb he tends to think it's a diaper so I'm constantly reminding him to go in the toilet.  Not in his cool Spiderman underwear.  :)  When his older sisters work in their homeschool workbooks, Caleb likes to think he's homeschool also in his coloring book.  (Girls just finished in this pic).

The other day Charles was trying to talk on the phone and all the kids got into an argument.  When he got off he put all seven of them in time out.  We had just been loading to leave so Juliet was in her carrier.  As a joke we put her carrier in with them.  Heh heh.... I had to take a pic because when Charles put them in time-out the house went from crazy loud to completely silent in one second.  That's rare in our house unless everyone is sleeping.


momto9 said...

Ha Ha the last picture cracks me up...such order eh? One would almost think its always like that;)

Unknown said...

I love the last picture too. Poor Juliet better get used to being lined up too...one day she will probably deserve to be there! LOL! :)

I am trying to potty train my 2 year old too...boys are a totally different experience than girls. WOW!