Friday, October 05, 2012

Surprises Kids Leave on Your Camera

My kids have been getting a hold of my camera a lot lately.  I seriously need to get them their own cameras to be creative. They make videos and take pictures.  I'm always in for some surprises every time I load all the pictures on to my computer.  Here are a few of the funny ones... Of course I edited them for better color.

Above: Ashley put on goggles to look at the new doggy bone brought into the house for our big Great Dane.  

I guess goggles make it so much safer to get near it.

Ashley posing with a kitchen tool.  

Little chihuahua watching big Henry eat a bone.  That's how I feel when I see my husband eat a candy bar and I can't have one.

Above: Kyle wanted to send a video of him singing happy birthday to a friend.  Not a good quality video but creative and funny.  LOL.  I didn't know he was making this but it was pretty darn cute.

Caleb waking up in the morning....

Juliet and Caleb in a bucket

Even though I have to wade through hundreds of photos from the kids, there are a few great treasures in them.  :)  I need to give them the camera more often.

Kyle relaxing on his bed.  Some day he's gonna mention all the teddy bears behind him.  I think he was trying to look cool in this picture.  Soooo cute though with the teddy bears.  


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

SO stinkin' cute!! :)

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