Monday, October 15, 2012

10 Reasons We Take Internet Breaks

What a rough yet wonderful weekend it was!  I felt like I really had my head in the sand for a loooong time.  I had friends amongst me and didn't even realize it.  At first my weekend started out terrible with lots of tears.  With the end of one chapter, yet hoping for the best with starting anew. 

10 Reasons we Take Breaks From the Internet

1. Internet can be a distraction

2. Library sounds fun again

3. My kids now think McDonalds is exciting again.

4. Without the distraction, church is more looked forward to. 

5. Our kids remember that really fun game Hide & Seek

6. Our kids get along better (no fighting over who's turn it is on the computer).

7. We read books more.

8. I have more time to do chores and be done earlier.

9. Less gossip

10. My kids remembered how fun vegetable gardening is.  :D

On Saturday my husband and I decided it was time again to shut off our internet. We usually do this once a year for a few months. Sure it's wonderful to have the conveniences of it but it can also be distracting. We wanted to get closer to God and closer to each other so we decided Saturday would be a good day to start.  We don't have a TV either so we feel like we are going primal. lol.    That's where our fun began.....

We had some kids over after church on Sunday and it was great to see them all playing together, running around outside.  The kids were all sharing their DSi's and bikes.  I don't know, it was just such a pleasant afternoon.
One of the changes in me through a recent, yet heartbreaking, experience is that you don't put all your eggs in one basket.  That can have several meanings but I'm using it for friendship.  It's good to have a close friend but is it healthy to keep it exclusive?  What about making other friends?  We get comfortable with our one friend and don't reach out sometimes.  At least I know I've been guilty of this.  What happens when that friendship goes sour?  Where am I then?  I've then put all my eggs in one basket and end up with nothing.   It's GREAT to have a close friend but it's even GREATER to make other friendships too. 
Last night we had an appreciation dinner for our pastor and so many people expressed their thanks for what he's done.  I know he's been there for me more times than I can count.  Any time I EVER needed advice, someone to talk to, ask about an idea, he was always there.  He's never been too busy for my family.  Also, he's loved us enough to rebuke us when needed.  It wasn't done out of anger but out of love to see us make it.  Anyone that comes along in my life and trash talks him because they are hiding sin, well, I don't give a time of day to.  Someone who committed major violations against people, and seriously hurt others, I'm not exactly gonna want to listen to gossip about people I love. If I were to compare character, why would I listen to the one that is like a serpent?  If I lose friendships over this then so be it.  If anyone talks about your pastor, the best thing you can do for your own mind and heart is to run it by him and hear his side of the story.  Pastors get attacked a lot, if anything, take the time to give some appreciation.  They get a lot less of that these days.


Anonymous said...

What about home schooling? I thought it was all done via internet?


Virginia Revoir said...

Only half of the work is online and we'll be visiting our community center twice a week to finish the online part. :) Easy breezy.