Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Kyle's 7th Birthday!

Kyle is next in line for the many birthdays we have.  My kids birthdays are all 2 weeks apart!  Except Caleb's which is the last birthday and it's one week after Ashley's.  So, four down, two more to go.  :)  We are having lots of cake these past few weeks.  I am so behind in posting everything about the birthdays but I'll catch up.  My babies are growing up!!!

Caleb loved the chocolate cake.  Before you know it, he'll be running all over Chuck E. Cheese.  The other day he took his first step.  You know what is freaky about that?  I have all tile.  It's time to put 2 knit caps on his head again while he is doing his learning stuff.  :)  I did that when he was learning to crawl.  He bonked his head many times but was safe because of the hats.

Charles got Kyle yet another cap gun.  LOL.  I got him two playstation games.  Yeah, he already had 24 but we needed these too. 

I can't believe Kyle is already 7.  He was third in line.  Today I told him how squishy cute he was the day I met him.  I told him how my tummy was really big and he was kicking me so hard that I couldn't wait to get him out.  That daddy walked the boys and I around the malls for hours trying to get him to want to come.  We were at the mall when the doctor called to say I can come in to get induced.  I really wanted to wait but the pain was so bad in my back I practically flew to the hospital to have doctor help him come.  I told him how he came out looking like a little butterball at 8lbs 9oz.  He was my biggest baby and he had such a loud cry the nurses said they felt sorry for me. I wasn't sorry. Even if he did have a cry that could scare all the leaves off a tree, he was mine.  My third boy. 
Ryan gave him bunny ears and Ivy gave him cuddles.  Ashley was dancing soooo cute in the background!  LOL.  They were not supposed to be up there but I HAD to take a video of Ashley dancing before I took them down.

Above, Kyle playing. 

Ryan is being is normal goofy self. LOL.  He always keeps us laughing with his funny humor or silly dancing.  He says stuff out of the blue that surprise us.  But he's a total sweetheart who gets his feelings hurt easy.

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