Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is embarrassing but I remember when I was younger and I told my sisters and my mom that I felt like Cinderella.

They all started laughing at me.

If anything it was the other way around. My sisters always did my share of work because I would rather take a punishment any day than help out.

So here is a picture of Ivy trying to prove to you guys that she is indeed Cinderella.

..... and what is mommy doing while she is working so hard????

Yup.  On the phone.  Just talking away while her daughter SLAVES away at the dishes. 

Okay, so don't buy that.  Ivy is just like me when I was little.  She will run and hide rather than doing her chores each day.  My boys don't give me a hard time about it but, oh, Ivy makes me work for it.  I have to go find her in her hiding spot and stand there and watch her just to get her to clean her room.  It's hard to get her to do it. Can even take a couple of hours.  Little stinker. 

I actually don't have her washing dishes yet but she begged me that day because she thought it was interesting.  I think she got over her curiosity because she only volunteered twice total.  Haha.
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