Thursday, September 02, 2010

Little Buddy Ol' Pals

Ashley and Caleb are now the pair at home while their siblings are at school.  I love seeing them giggle together and be cute.  There is this one McDonalds that has a smaller playland.  More for toddlers.  When my boys were little I took them to this one too.  :)

They like to stand at the edge of the slide, stick their heads in and scream into the slide. 

Can you believe Caleb will be one in only 3 weeks?  Ashley will be 3 in 2 weeks. 

Sigh.  I love my diaper babies. 

I am not having luck with potty training Ashley at all.  You would think after six kids that I would get it.  You know?  Like, boom, potty training should be a cinch.  Noooo... they are all so different.  Chaz didn't get his till his younger brother did it.  It took Ryan one try and he was potty trained.  Chaz saw him and went potty at the same time.  1 hour, instantly two kids potty training.  Three kids in diapers was tough so that day I went down to only one kid in a diaper.  So Chaz was 4 and Ryan was 3.  Kyle and Ivy learned at 3.  Something about their third birthday.  It's a charm.  Well, Ashley is turning three in two weeks so I've been trying.  One time I took off her diaper and so much happened everywhere in ten minutes that I put a diaper right back on her. Whew!  Will try again in a few weeks. 

Still, I like their little butts in diapers. Just so cute. 
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