Monday, September 06, 2010

My Baby Boy Explorer

I love little tiny babies in diapers so if you wonder why little Caleb is always seen in a little diaper in my pics.  That's why.  It's so, so cute.  He doesn't walk yet but he loves to pull himself up to play the piano.  He can't see what he's doing but he loves to hear what sounds come out of it!

Okay, now that I took this picture and a flash shows brightly on the piano... I realize it needs to be dusted!!

When we first got Henry, Caleb was really afraid of him but now that we've had him for some time, Caleb has gotten closer and closer to him.  Henry can prance in between little babies crawling around on the floor without stepping on them.  For a huge dog that's pretty awesome.  I had another Great Dane that would always knock my kids down so Henry is a blessing.  On this day Caleb finally crawled all the way up to him and touched his paw.  It was so cute.  He just kept staring at Henry and getting closer and closer. 

I don't know if this look below is a proud look.  Like, "haha, mom, I tamed the beast" or a mischievious look. Heh heh.....

... I'm kinda worried about that look.

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