Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Having Fun Together

Above is Ryan shooting paintballs.  They think it's the coolest thing ever and they did this for so long.  I had to pry them away.

This pic is inside a paintball tent. They were have fun shooting it up. Ivy is also wearing army pants but you can't tell because its a pink camouflage. Wait a second.... where is Ashley in this picture???? I just realized it. haha.

My kids love Army events so whenever there is one, you can bet we're there.  :D


Chaz wanted to show you guys this cool move.  I know this is a cool shot, but just so you knew, I had to try about 10 times to catch the right moment.  By the time I got it, he was tired.  LOL

It is cute seeing my girl in pink shooting paintballs.

This (above) is my oldest Chaz shooting paintballs.

This event was supposed to be bigger but, well, we were surprised how small it was.  Nevertheless, Ivy thought walking through this was super cool.

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Chris H said...

Over here there are paintball courses and people actually shoot each other with the paintballs! They leave big as bruises... it's not nice! It's like a 'war game' where they stalk each other in the bush.