Friday, September 17, 2010

A Short Life

This is Mr. Lizard that my son found while on a camping trip.  He snuck him to church and that's why you see a pic of him on my skirt while sitting at church.  Well, we all though it was cute and I "cuddled" and played with him in secret all service.  We even took him to McDonalds. 

Well, his little life ended quickly when we went to a friends house and Ryan put him on the floor to play with.  My son Kyle came along and stepped right on him while walking across the room. Basically the little lizard's stuff was pushed out of him and it took him 2 days to die. Ryan and I were really upset throughout those two days.  I couldn't clean, cook.  Hardly do anything.  Ryan was in tears all the time. He hadn't died yet but he was getting weaker and weaker.  Finally I asked Charles if he could take the Horned Toad Lizard to a nearby park and lake and let him die there.  We told Ryan he was going to a happy place. I felt much better after that and so did Ryan.

I can be so weird.


Zsuzsanna said...

Hm, are you sure you are not pregnant?!? Sounds pretty emotional to me! :)

Chris H said...

Ewwww.... poor lizard. I would have felt sick too. I feel sick when I step on a snail.... ikkk.

Unknown said...

I remember when my son's frog died and the grief we went through. I hope all is well in the household now. I laughed so hard when I read he pulled it out in church. I can only imagine this happening with my son with all the objects he stuffs in his pockets. Have a great week.

Virginia Revoir said...

Not pregnant! haha! I wish I was better financially. I would have more kids.

I'm an animal lover so I've even cried over my son's pet grasshopper dying.