Friday, August 27, 2010

Unusual Weather Makes a Beautiful Zoo Day

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  I don't know if I have shared but this year I am not homeschooling. My kids are in a charter school.  So far they are loving it!  So today I took my two little ones to the zoo with a friend.  It was so weird because I kept looking around me to see if I was missing any kids. It is the weirdest thing to feel like you are missing someone constantly. 

Ashley looked funny trying to take a huge bite out of a sandwhich. 

We rode the train around the zoo and had fun just totally relaxing.  To tell you the truth, I didn't notice the animals much.  I'm more into the beautiful nature.  Trees and plants around me.  I even hugged some of the plants!  LOL.  I've seen the animals tons of times already because I have a membership there.  For me, going to the zoo means I get to walk in an area that doesn't feel like a desert.

THIS.... is a cool picture though.  Beautiful.  Caught her sleeping on the rock. 


Chris H said...

Firstly, Ashley could not POSSIBLY eat all of that sandwich surely?
We hardly ever go to the zoo now as when we do all the animals are asleep or hiding... which is so boring.
And Ryan is now 10! Change his age on your sidebar woman!

Chris H said...

OOOPs, I see I got the wrong kid's age! Chaz is 10... derrrr, I'm a twit!